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May 10, 2020
     Transition to Source
Kate Isaacs
Bill Isaacs

April 26, 2020
     A Wonderful World
Volker Brendel

April 12, 2020
     Attunement and the Ascending Process
Chris Jorgensen
John Gray

March 29, 2020
Suzanne Core
Larry Krantz

March 15, 2019
     A Time for Respect
Volker Brendel

March 1, 2020
     Perceiving the Design of Life
Bill Isaacs

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Recorded 05/24/2020

'Our Divine and Cosmic Identity' - Volume 4 New
Volume 4 of "Our Divine and Cosmic Identity" is now available in a hard copy edition containing talks given between 2011 and 2014. Additional content includes selected presentations given between 1980 to 1992 to spiritual education classes, talks given at specialized conferences, some public talks, and written articles.

eBook Format is Now Available New
"Our Divine and Cosmic Identity", Volume 4 is now available in eBook format:

iTunes  (Volume 4 / All Volumes)

Amazon  (Volume 4)      Amazon  (All Volumes)

Barnes and Nobles  (All Volumes)

Videos of Alan Hammond's talks "Cosmic Mind" and "Essences" are now available on YouTube at the following links:

Cosmic Mind - Part 1 28 Minutes
Cosmic Mind - Part 2 28 Minutes
Essences - Part 1 28 Minutes
Essences - Part 2 28 Minutes
Essences - Part 3 2 Minutes

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