Eternal Magic

    Bill Isaacs:  I'd invite you to listen for a few minutes to this piece of music:

   Kyrie; Emil Fredberg, Svanholm Singers and Sofia Soderberg

    We have an opportunity in every moment to live from an openhearted place, open to the sounds of life and to the beauty of Being. This dwarfs everything else. In a way not much else needs to be said. It's not a matter of more words anyway, but of a genuine experience of sacredness.

    This is a new year, and in human terms anyway, a beginning. And as we look around, we see evidence of...what? What we see, of course, is a function of what is in our own consciousness. It's certainly possible to see trouble. It's also possible to see in each moment the tapestry of life and the density and richness of it.

    One question that often arises in human hearts is, how can the experience of sacredness and beauty be touched and sustained in a context of intensifying impasse and difficulty? The notion seems to be that the only way to sort out stuck situations is with more force. If things get stuck, apply more force. Of course, if everybody adopts that attitude, we get noise and conflict. This is not an approach that takes the already existing reality of sacredness into account.

    A simple but direct solution to all of it can be summed up this way: whatever is to change in the world must first change in me. Unless there is a fundamental reorientation and sustained release into the environment around me of the clear expression of Being, nothing can ever really change. For me. I don't really know about anyone else. Being open and oriented in a context that is larger than the ordinary one of conflict and corruption, even as things intensify, does seem to be part of the job these days.

    There's an old story in the Bible that I've always loved that speaks to this. It's a story about three men and a King. It turns out in this story that the King had made a golden image. Apparently, it was huge. A huge golden image. The King's expectation was that everyone would fall down and worship it. The language here is interesting. It was a "golden image." It glittered. It was attractive to people. People everywhere were swayed by it. But it was an image, an idol---in other words, not real.

    There are numerous parallels in the world the way it is today, including perhaps in some of the images that over the years we may have made of and for ourselves. We create or find shiny, attractive objects of various kinds, tangible and intangible, and then fall down and worship them. Only these three men out of the whole population refused to worship the golden image, remaining loyal to their own truth of Being. That infuriates the King. It's interesting the language used here; it infuriates him. I think that's a good description of what happens when the human part of us cannot get what it wants. The King got angry, built a furnace and heated it up very hot. He was also in a very big hurry apparently. He bound the three men, and threw them into the fire—presumably to show everyone around just who's boss, incinerating his own men in the process. Well, to his great surprise and amazement the three men remained untouched by the fire. The only thing that burned were the bonds that held them. And in the midst of the fire, a fourth presence appeared, who was, as it was put in the passage, "like unto the son of God" (Daniel 3:25) "And the princes, governors, and captains, and the King's counselors, being gathered together, saw these men, upon whose bodies the fire had no power, nor was an hair of their head singed, neither were their coats changed, nor the smell of fire had passed on them" (Daniel 3:27). Untouched.

    This is an allegory of the transformational process that is underway and is as good a depiction as one is likely to get of it. The three men represent the three outer layers of individual human capacity—body, mind and spiritual expression, and the fourth represents the undimensional core of Being within each one. The transformational fire that is intensifying internally in everyone now and also externally—think climate change— burns away the bonds, the restrictions on who we really Are, not the reality of Being.

    There is obviously a condition on this planet where the expectation is that people will fall down and worship the golden image of the human state. And when the choice is made not to do that, the heat comes on. This happens because the Presence of people who begin to abide in the sacredness of being is what heats up the fires of transformation. What's interesting also here is what happens at the end of the story. After the King witnesses the emergence of the authority and beauty of the integrity of these three men, and their absolute fidelity to something other than his golden image, he radically shifts his own stance towards them and more, towards their God. He honors them.

    I think this is a pattern for how the impasses and bonds that are present, the seeming intractable difficulties facing human beings, can be transformed. It's not because we calculate better technical solutions or negotiate better deals or build fortifications, but because the power of life burns the bonds and reveals that it is no small force. It doesn't look particularly substantial, the power of integrity, to a human consciousness used to thinking in terms of outer manipulation and force. It doesn't look like much. It doesn't look like anything.

    There are in each of us no doubt still persisting patterns of bondage and resistance that are usefully brought into the fire. These are not only personal to us but are also tied into the wider body of humanity. Handling these things in my consciousness requires some artistry. Part of that artistry involves taking a new perspective, a perspective from above the human fray. When the vision of Being is assumed, many things that are taken for granted in an outer sense start to change around. One change that dawns is that what once seemed large in an outer sense is recognized as far less grand and important than it appears. What is large is the reality of the sacredness of life.

    Another dimension of this new perspective involves the perception of the density and wholeness of each moment. There is an immense richness all around us, here and now. I've often found it fascinating how I can walk down a street that I've known well for years and always see something I have never seen before. It's always possible. It's amazing. Where did that building come from? I have lived in our relatively small town for more than a dozen years now, and the other day I noticed on one of the main streets a building I had never seen before. What changed? I don't think they built a new building overnight. I think my eyes were opened. The detailed richness in other words that is present immediately around in a physical sense is mostly missed by us. But that is just a small percentage of what is available to perceive. There is an enormous richness of invisible essences, a density in the fabric and flow of life, which one has to be quiet enough and undistracted enough to perceive.

    Seeing in depth implies learning to set aside clutter and distractions of all kinds. Many people are having the realization that the mere presence of a smart phone in one's vicinity is a source of interference that shortens attention span and diminishes effectiveness. There are ironically even technologies to help you limit your screen time and obsession with technology. But in the service of what? Having an awareness of the fullness and sacredness of Being would presumably lead you to want to be as open and available as you could be for that.

    The perspective from Being has really been missing on earth. We come to realize, for instance, that we are much larger than our physical forms. We have responsibilities that go far beyond the manipulation of forms immediately around us. I wonder how much of that has actually penetrated our consciousness? What we may uncover here is not a departure, but our birthright. There is a poem that was written some years ago by Lloyd Arthur Meeker, who also went by the name Uranda, that evokes this vast cosmic view:

From the shining citadels of Raira's eternal sphere
where we had lived and served through countless ages...
we journeyed forth into the deep of space unlighted...
that in the vast void of nothingness,
the desert places of the cosmos
the unused wilderness between the suns...
we might build a place of habitation,
a mansion in the boundless heavens,
and a home among the stars

It is coming time to claim the identity of Being, to accept it, to operate from it, and to make use of the apparently magical tools that are available as one has awareness of these larger dimensions. One of these tools has to do with time. Time in a human sense is typically experienced as chronological and linear. But time is not a given; it is mind-made. There are many dimensions of time. For instance, the word "eternal" points to the timelessness of life, of Being: something "without beginning or end," according to the dictionary definition. The most ancient root of the word "eternal" literally means vital force or life. What is eternal is also timeless life. Put another way, I Am not in time. I Am timeless. One of the problems we face being incarnate in human form is that we live in the world of time and space, so we need to navigate through these factors.

    A challenging dimension of human experience is that factors within our consciousness become frozen in time in us and then proceed to act in our moment-to-moment experience as if they were freshly present now. This is another way of talking about memory, but it refers specifically to parts of ourselves that have become frozen in patterns of immature expression that continue to act out now—younger versions of false patterns of identity. This is present everywhere, operating below the surface, and creates a grotesque world. These factors tend to be present in most so-called adults, who from time to time act like children. Well in fact they are doing precisely that. Younger parts of themselves frozen in time are acting out now. So how does undimensional Being address these things—in oneself?

    My suggestion is time travel. It is possible to go straight to the age and stage of any aspect of one's frozen or fossilized memory, transform the factors involved, and release them. Fortunately, not all of this has to be done consciously. But certain things that emerge do require deliberate conscious effort. You discover that you can in fact change the past, and you can change the future. Undimensional being easily handles time travel. We are not fixed at any particular point of unfoldment. We are part of a wider cycle of unfoldment, but because there's been a human overlay on top of all this, the clutter has to be cleared away for our effectiveness to be known. These are the bonds that need to be burned by the fire of our multidimensional presence.

    Human beings can act on the planet as agents of this divine reality or as ghosts haunted by the memories and patterns that have been handed down one generation after the other. Bruce Springsteen, in his recent solo Broadway performance spoke about this: "We are ghosts or we are ancestors in our children's lives. We either lay our mistakes, our burdens upon them, and we haunt them, or we assist them in laying those old burdens down and we free them from the chains of our own flawed behavior. And as ancestors, we walk alongside of them, and we assist them in finding their own way and some transcendence." Being aware of a wider depth of transcendent reality comes down to cases, to very practical things, like how we relate to our children and to everyone else moment by moment.

    We are not constrained. We operate from a vast internal reality in a dimensional world. From one standpoint, this is magic. "Magic" is an interesting word also. Its roots mean "to be able, to have power." Eternal magic: the vital force of life that is able.

    The rich resources of Being are available and easily hold the entire currently challenged human state, including the factors in each of our own lives and hearts that require release and healing and forgiveness, or whatever it is. These things come up in us and through us so that we can let the bonds be burned and the authority that needs to be seen on earth for what it is, to be recognized by whomever is able to see it. We have to introduce this current and we do it through ourselves. There are divine tools available to allow intractable difficulties to be enfolded and released, whether at a national or international scale or inside one's own heart. It looks impossible from one perspective, and it's effortless from another. We can be very thankful for our awareness of the sacredness and richness of the one whole tapestry of which we are all part, and for the opportunity to let the focus of it be known with increasing clarity and openhearted expression.

January 6, 2019

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