Attunement and the Ascending Process

    Chris Jorgensen:  Greetings to everyone on this Easter morning. It is a delight for me to be a guest speaker with my friend John Gray on this celebratory day. Easter is a time of renewal and ascension.

    We are living in a time of transition, moving from one state of awareness and experience into another state. Many individuals see the changes in their lives as making progress. This idea shows itself in different arenas. In school, one is making progress as you move from grade to grade towards graduation. There are times in a social sense that a person is making progress if they move to a better neighborhood and a different class of people. Something similar can be said of economics, science and technology. Even in the spiritual arena, people who undertake various workshops and seminars for self-improvement, tend to think of their spiritual training as making progress—I am becoming a better person!

    My reason for bringing this subject up is that in my perception this is not what is transpiring in the world now. What is happening is a shift from one state to another state. This shift of awareness and experience is not being governed by humankind's world view—the ego-centered view which translates the change as progress. Rather it is a change that is occurring because of the creative cycle of Life—the creative process with the four forces (water, air, earth, fire) that have been known from antiquity. This world-wide change is encompassing every aspect of human endeavor and it is happening today.

    Some years ago, Mikhail Gorbachev, the former leader of the USSR, made some comments about change. Here are his words: "The present-day global landscape is one of profound crisis, which could either end in the death of humankind or in a breakthrough to a new civilization... At present, we are running a race against time. What will happen next—a critical escalation of global threats and the collapse of our civilization, or a critical growth of hope, of the willingness and ability of the international human community to develop new, truly humane ground rules for living together, capable of saving civilization through its renewal? It is up to all of us who live on this planet to answer this question." Sounds eerily familiar to today does it not?

    I appreciate this quote because it touches upon the importance of what is happening now and the requirement of a shift of awareness and experience on the part of humanity. One of the more profound, required shifts in thinking is the consciousness that the Earth is alive!

    Planet Earth is alive. It has Presence and that Presence has a body, a mind, and a feeling nature with all of the associated energies and substance. In my own life I have had some profound experiences leading me to the awareness that the Earth is alive.

    One of my first experiences occurred at a time when I was working as a Project Engineer on an oil project in the arctic, the Prudhoe Bay oil fields in Alaska. My wife, Donna, would take me to the Los Angeles airport and I would fly to the arctic setting to host oil field development meetings with ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Company), BP (British Petroleum) and Sohio (Standard Oil of Ohio) engineers. On this particular January morning—a time when there is no sun and it is dark 24/7—I was hosting engineering design meetings at a large oil well-gathering facility. On the drive over to this facility there appeared a huge wave of green and yellow Aurora Borealis. Often most such appearances occurred in the heavens above or were much further out. However, this display was right where we were. The curtain of the colors began to come lower and lower and lower. So I said to my driver, "Stop!" I bundled myself up, because the temperature was 90 below zero, jumped out of the vehicle and ran 30 yards out into the tundra field. I raised my arms and hands up as far as I could so as to touch the wave of dancing energy swirling around me. In those amazing moments of having my arms up, I felt like I had put my hands into the thinking process, the mind of the Earth. It was alive and I felt it! It was so exciting and exhilarating and this experience left a mark on me and my awareness.

    Some years later, Donna and I were living in the Portland, Oregon area in a beautiful setting and we were visited by John and Sarah Waskom who were friends from Louisiana. John held a PhD in geology and was the Chairman of the Northwestern Louisiana University's Geology department. He wanted to visit Mount St. Helens. We had moved to the Portland area about six months after Mount St. Helens had erupted. So, the four of us took off for Mount St. Helens, which was only about 30 to 45 minutes from where we were living. In our travels we came upon a helicopter tour, and for a small nominal fee, they would give us a ride over the local area to view all the changes that had taken place in just a few destructive minutes. We paid our money and went on this eye-opening tour of the catastrophic change by the volcanic activity which covered at least 200 square miles. The volcano had in but a moment or two changed the landscape of the local area completely. Near the end of the tour, the pilot asked us, "Would you like to go inside the volcano?" John was screaming yes, yes, yes! And so into the south face of the volcano we flew. The south face of Mount St. Helens had fallen away in the explosive release. The pilot took us around the bubbling lava dome in the middle of the volcano. All around the crater floor were blue, red, white and yellow pools indicating that various minerals were streaming up from the earth. The atmosphere in the helicopter was filled with a strong sulfur smell. All of us in that moment had the distinct perception that we were perceiving and feeling the Earth breathing! It was deeply moving and very tangible. Once again I had the impression that the Earth is alive. It has Presence.

    Some who are online may not know exactly what Attunement is, while others may have years of experience. Let me define Attunement. Here is a definition of Attunement from 1951 by Lloyd Meeker, who wrote and spoke under the name Uranda. "The purpose of Attunement is this: to establish alignment in the body and mind and heart with the natural life forces of Being, alignment in the body with the forces of Life from the Source."

    Another definition of Attunement comes from Martin Exeter. Martin was a personal mentor of mine. In one of his talks from 1974 he said: "Attunement, then, is designed to provide what is needful to initiate the process by which a consciousness of the oneness of heaven and earth may be known once more."

    In my Attunement classes, even in one-on-one instruction, the first Attunement that I teach is the Attunement between Being and the human form. The human form with its capacities for expression: the body, the mind, the ability to discern spiritual energies, and the feeling realm, the heart. Attunement: bringing the capacities of expression into alignment with the Creator of the capacities, Being! I am a Creator Being of Light and Love having a human experience. Thus, to participate in this initial Attunement requires a shift of consciousness, a change in identity, because the Attunement energy is the energy of Being.

    A more recent experience of the Earth being alive was at the end of last summer and into the early fall. I and the local Kansas City Attunement Team were sharing in Long-Distance Attunement with a few friends in Australia surrounding the out-of-control fires that were rampant and consuming parts of that country. As I shared Attunement with the situation it dawned on me that something serious was vibrationally taking place in the space between the Earth's equator and the Tropic of Capricorn. In that specific space around the globe, one could perceive that something was out of balance, not only the lack of moisture in the atmospheric band, but as well, oxygen levels were being dissipated. After some time, the vibration shifted and the fires came under control. This experience left me with the impression again that the Earth is alive and that everything on the planet is tied together. John Waskom once said to me something that I wrote down because it was profound. He said, "We call the Earth, Mother Earth. That's very basic. We do not live on a dead piece of rock. The plants are its lungs, the ocean and the streams its heart and arteries. Prick your skin and you get blood, dig a few inches in the ground and you hit water; the contents of your blood are the same as the ocean. I'm suggesting that all of nature is interrelated. People think that things are haphazard, but they don't just happen. Nature has order and purpose and reveals a design." Very wise words.

    What I am suggesting, and this comes out of my Attunement experience, is that planet Earth is very much like an individual such as you and me. If you have eaten too many sweets over the holidays, the Christmas Holiday for instance, or perhaps the Easter Holiday like today, eating too much chocolate and all the rest, you will overload your body's systems and the body goes out of balance. Life, nature, will employ various bacteria and viruses to bring on congestion. Your liver, sinuses and immune system are under duress. It appears you have a cold, or whatever. What happens? The cold slows you down. You go to bed for a day or two. You quit eating all the junk food. You eat chicken soup and become very careful about what you're doing. Faithfully, the body comes back into balance and the individual can get up and go back to work or whatever you do.

    It is interesting to me that with the cutting down of the rain forests, which has occurred in unprecedented ways around the planet, humankind is in some measure affecting the lungs of the planet. In my Attunement work I see the connection between the Australian fires and the Amazon rain forest basin in Brazil. It is interesting to note that Brazil is in the same strata or latitudinal band around the earth as Australia. Has humanity cut down too much of the Amazon leaving planet Earth struggling to breathe well? In the health crisis of the current day, what is the major symptom of the coronavirus or Covid-19 virus? A person has a hard time breathing.

    I feel and perceive that humanity is at a time of tremendous opportunity, a shift from one state to another. This shift is in awareness and consciousness. It is the opportunity to return to the garden state of Eden. For some people that idea may be just emerging in awareness, but in reality it has been in motion for a very long time. It is exciting to note that the planetary changes have been underway all along down through history, which brings us to this point. Many of the great spiritual prophets and seers along the way have said something about this in different ways. Steiner and Krishnamurti mentioned that humanity was asleep. Uranda and Martin Exeter spoke of the planet being in a cloud. Peter Deunov, the great Bulgarian spiritual prophet, said the Earth, the Solar System, and a part of the Milky Way Galaxy, have been moving through the remnants of a dissolved constellation. The remnants created a cloud such that the true intensity of Light and Love's presence was dulled. We have a cloudy day here in Missouri; it is raining now. One can go outside and there is some light, but it is not like having crisp clean, bright sunshine. The planet has exited the cloud; we have come out of the remnants of that dissolved constellation. There is an increase in Light and in the radiation of Love. There were a few years of grace to allow shifts in humanity's awareness, ourselves included, so that there might be the adequate accommodation of the new levels of Light and Love.

    Easter is traditionally seen as a time of renewal, a time of ascension, the movement into a new state which was demonstrated by the Master Teacher Jesus in which He invited others to share with Him. Likewise I am inviting you to join with me now to share a new level and experience of Attunement with our planet, a Global Attunement.

    To share a Global Attunement with our home, Eden, there is first the requirement of getting past the flaming sword referred to in the Bible in Genesis 3:24. Here is the quote: "And he [the Lord God] placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way to keep the way of the tree of life." Sword is a beautiful word for truth. Truth is consciousness revealing an identity as a Creator Being. And the flame, sharing in the radiation of Love, is Attunement!

    To close my time with you today, I am inviting you to share a few minutes of Attunement with me to surround and enfold our planetary home. Remember, I Am Being having a planetary experience. The Earth is my body. Let us put the planet body between our hands and share Attunement. You can put one hand at the South Pole another hand at the North Pole, if that's easy for you. Another way to hold the Earth is to put your hands around the equator of the planet. I will give you a few moments to do that.

    While we are sharing Attunement, I will speak a few words to direct our awareness.

Let our radiance fill every atom, molecule, and protein...
every virus, bacteria and mineral...
every mitochondria, cell wall, and cell... every organ and gland, every nerve and fluid, every bone and fiber...
every cell of skin, myofascia, and lymphatic tissue.
Let this sacred form know the Glory of Life and life more abundantly.
Let our radiation fill the electromagnetic field and the substance of mind
that the Light may shine and reveal perception, awareness and patterns of Truth.
And let our radiance fill this heart, that the whole temple-form may know wisdom
and understanding and compassion in the fire of Love and Union with the great ONE!
Let me live in Attunement. Let the new heaven, the new vibration, be initiated by reason of
Attunement in this day. Let the garden experience in Eden be revealed. It has always been there
but revealed once more through humankind. So, let it be!

    With these words and this Attunement I am honored to turn it over to my friend John Gray, who I have not worked with in many years, but this is a great opportunity to do so today.

    John Gray:  Thank you Chris, and we continue in Attunement.

    Chris has been an Attunement master for most of five decades. Attunement may be described as subtle energy healing, and I think that's accurate from an earthy, material perspective, "looking up," as it were. In spiritual perspective however, as Chris said clearly, we may know that it serves as a means to help restore a consciousness that heaven and earth are one.

    How vastly different we see the human and natural worlds when we know ourselves as beings coming out of the subtle realms into the world as it is. We are indeed divine beings having a planetary experience.

    The living body of the earth and the living body of humanity, as well as we ourselves as individuals, have immune systems. It's clear to most that humanity has compromised the earth's immune system in numerous ways. The United Nations lists the biggies: Current world population—the seven and three quarter billion of us—climate change, the loss of biodiversity, phosphorus and nitrogen cycles wonky, (they didn't say wonky, but that's what they meant); ocean acidification, pollution of the seas, the ozone layer depletion, overfishing, deforestation, well... But somehow most people in the so-called developed world, anyway, think of these issues as being "over there," unless directly affected personally. But are they separate from us? What we do to the world we do to ourselves. We've covered the planet with electromagnetic radiation, for example. Do we imagine that this has no effect on the planetary magnetic field, on the earth's immune system, and on ours?

    Human beings cannot behave in self-serving ways with impunity. There are effects, there are unanticipated results. And the more of us there are, the larger those effects become. Eventually—and we are at this point now, as Chris emphasized—the rest of creation as well as the Creator say in effect to human beings, "enough!" Enough.

    The effects of the world-wide coronavirus pandemic have the attention of people in every country. Health professionals speak of it as the spread of a new viral contagion transferred from person to person through airborne droplets and surface contact. This is what it looks like on the ground, and it's wise that we play by the rules and by those who rule. But we may sense that there's a lot more to it. There's more going on than scary foreign pathogens invading human bodies. That surface-level view seems accurate to a point, but it's incomplete.

    Belief in the germ theory of disease keeps people thinking in a certain channel. If it's accepted as the only way to see this thing, then it confines what can be seen. So, let's marshal all our forces and go to war against the evil invaders! But think about it: When we're sick, our bodies naturally seek to rid themselves of toxins in various ways, such as through mucous expulsion and fever. Working through our bodies' immune systems, life itself seeks to cleanse our bodies from the inside out, to restore and maintain health and balance.

    It's at least interesting if not relevant that the Greek root of the word virus means poison. Where's the cause and what's the effect? Bodies throw off viruses, poisons—and these may affect others who are susceptible. But it's short-sighted to point fingers at the lowly virus as the culprit. Everything is out of balance in this man-made world. This is just one evidence.

    People react in a variety of ways to the pressures brought to bear in the current global circumstance. It brings the best out in some people and quite the reverse in others. We see examples of selfless service and real heroism, as well as base, self-centered behavior, while millions feel frightened and lonely. Under duress people show their colors. Ultimately this reveals the nature of the personal identity we each accept and know.

    Two weeks ago on this teleconference, Larry Krantz spoke of the current situation as a beneficial global "time-out." I guess it takes a pandemic to get worldwide attention. Yesterday, Bill Isaacs sent an essay entitled, "The Coronation." In it, the author, Charles Eisenstein, expresses a refreshingly elevated perspective. He wrote, "For most of my life, I have had the feeling that humanity was nearing a crossroads. Always, the crisis, the collapse, the break was imminent, just around the bend, but it didn't come and it didn't come. Now, all of a sudden, we go around a bend and here it is. We stop, hardly able to believe that now it is happening. We are right to stop, stunned at the newness of our situation. Because of the hundred paths that radiate out in front of us, some lead in the same direction we've already been headed. Some lead to hell on earth. And some lead to a world more healed and more beautiful than we ever dared believe to be possible." Later in the essay Eisenstein says, "The phenomenon follows the template of initiation: separation from normality, followed by a dilemma, breakdown or ordeal, followed (if it is to be complete) by reintegration and celebration. Now the question arises, initiation into what? The popular name for the pandemic offers a clue: coronavirus. A corona is a crown. Novel coronavirus pandemic means 'a new coronation for all.'"

    Here's a sense of possibility, an opening, an aperture through which light may stream and new vision thus made possible. In spiritual identity we each have our "crowns," our stature as sovereigns in the divine order. This crown is not something we wear, however, nor is it something given to us. It is the evidence of the radiant presence of the god being we each truly are. The realizing of this truth in consciousness could be termed, as Charles Eisenstein put it, a new coronation. We come into our own.

    Today is Easter Sunday and a day of religious celebration in the Christian world. From that indubitable online resource, Wikipedia, I learned that in 325 AD in a council convened by Roman Emperor Constantine, it was decreed that Easter should be observed on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox. I find it interesting that the choice of date to commemorate and celebrate the resurrection was and is not an arbitrary day on the calendar but is determined by celestial events: the movements of the earth and the moon in their cosmic context. This hints at the scope and scale of the actual significance of what occurred.

    Let's look at Easter from a spiritual perspective. Religious concepts dominate the usual Christian view, but let's look at it in new light. The world of Christianity celebrates the Easter holiday without much real awareness that one man's resurrection and emergence from a tomb 2,000 years ago set heavenly events in motion which the creative process is bringing to pass now on a collective scale within the body of humanity worldwide. Believers accept the resurrection of Jesus as an article of faith. Nonbelievers reject, deny, or ignore it. But either way the point is missed.

    From an inner standpoint we may know, not in theory or belief, that that one man represented in himself, as a single individual, the whole body of mankind. He was and is, after all and before all, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. The patterns for the world that were established by what he did and what was done to him have been working out since. Now we are in the time of collective resurrection of a body of many members. This fact brings pressure within the established order of human societies, and they're straining at the seams. What is coming out of heaven pushes out before it what won't accommodate it. There is a cleansing, a purification, at work.

    Chris invited us to share a transcendent view of what in the world is happening. In Attunement we share a consciousness of the oneness of heaven and earth and perceive the magnitude of what's transpiring in these times in which we live. It isn't the King who is being coronated. He has always worn his crown in heaven, evidence of his radiant sovereignty. No, it is a collective body on earth that rises to accept its crown in His name. This is why we each incarnated to be present now, for the fulfillment of what has been rolling forward inexorably for what only seems to have been a long time. We're moving out of the cloud. It's time to come into the world like never before.

Following Comments...

    Chris Jorgensen:  Wonderful, thank you all who commented. It's wonderful to share in this current of Attunement in this hour and to feel vibrancy of our communion together. I often say in the Attunement classes that I teach that love will out. Perhaps I can say it this morning, the truth of love will out, if there is someone who is expressing it. There is much in the earth and in the air above it requiring cleansing and clearing and the means to do that is Attunement. High Attunement in myself with others, like this morning, with our home earth, so that a new heaven may be generated. A clear clean heaven that reveals the pattern of being. As we do that in our own experience, we know a blessing. And the earth which is our home knows a blessing. So, I would often say at the end of classes or sometime together, let us stay in Attunement and bless the world. Thank you, John.

    John Gray:  Indeed, let us stay in Attunement. The quality of this time has been that: a high-altitude Attunement. All with which we are connected—which is everything—is blessed. We do this together, in agreement; we do this as a single body sharing a single awareness and consciousness of our place and purpose, on earth, specifically now. This is what we signed up for. It is wonderful to be together in these days of fulfillment. Thank you, Chris, and thank you all.

April 12, 2020

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