Synchronization and Sanctification

    Bill Isaacs:  Over the past couple of days we have had a group of friends streaming in and out of our home. Some have come from fairly far afield, all with the ostensible excuse of celebrating my 60th birthday.

    There is a great resynchronization occurring throughout human consciousness. It is fair to say that we have been drawn to the people in our worlds for very specific purposes. That was very evident as I looked around at all the people who were drawn to be with me, including those who were close by in spirit but not physically able to attend. We could each say this. The precision of the coordination of the movement of life is something that goes far beyond what human consciousness and the human mind in particular can comprehend. Seeing many friends, some of whom I've known for four decades, over these past days brought to my awareness the incredibly purposeful movement of Life.

    We are part of a living whole. Human consciousness has been bogged down in self-centeredness and self-absorption to the point where awareness of this has been either completely obliterated or only dimly perceived. Every so often when a sense of alignment arises in us and we step into a flow, we notice coordinating coincidences, so-called "synchronicities." Of course, these meaningful coincidences and connections which strike us as sometimes amazing or remarkable really are just glimpses of something that is happening all the time. We are in human consciousness being reintroduced to the magic and coordinating factors of Being.

    There are many ways this is occurring. We are aware that there is an exponential surge these days in all forms of social media for instance, and a great escalation in the efficiency of communication, of access to instantaneous awareness and connection. We had a video call yesterday evening with a dear friend in South Korea who was as vividly and clearly present through a small screen on the phone as could have been imagined.

    We don't really write anymore. We email. We text or tweet. We view each other through small windows on hand held devices. From one perspective, this great condensing of exchange into smaller and smaller slices is very distracting. Humanity itself seems to have Attention-deficit disorder (ADD). But really something else is happening here. I think everything is being compressed into perception of what is present here and now—the essence of what is present here and now. We are so used to functioning in a way that anticipates and calculates mentally, so that to try to track this vortex of information is completely and utterly overwhelming and ultimately impossible. Fortunately, we are all hardwired to function at another level, an experience that is gradually being reintroduced to us and to everyone.

    What is being brought to awareness goes beyond having a momentary new awareness in consciousness. It relates to the total flow and movement of one's life, the full range of connection, starting who knows how far back. While everything is happening now, the whole has been coordinating all aspects of all factors the entire time. This is the moral equivalent of being where the ball is going as opposed to where the ball has been, if one is thinking in sports metaphors. We arrive at the right moment to do—if we will—the right thing. And this is happening continuously. Of course, because we've all been caught in the conditioned state we haven't always noticed this or noticed how we were meant to play our part in the unique facilitation of the factors that were coming to focus in and around us.

    There is a lot of talk these days about the growing power of computing. People feel some anxiety that machines could someday surpass by large margins human intelligence. The thought arises that this might trigger a further exponential expansion in computing cycles where machines become many, many thousands of times more capable than human beings of processing information and making decisions. In such case, people worry that we might cede all our thinking to machines, and that they at some point might just take over and decide that human beings are actually not necessary. This converging moment has been dubbed the "technological singularity," the point where human consciousness merges with machines or is subsumed by them. And if this ever were allowed to occur it certainly would be profoundly destructive, as quite a few people have sought to indicate—people like Stephen Hawking. I think however that this is a bit of a fantasy or perhaps more accurately, a mistranslation of something.

    The coordinating intelligence of Life is far more capable and meticulous than the most remarkable supercomputer human beings could ever create. The computing power of the Cosmos makes this technological ascendency absolutely pale in comparison. And yet something is being sensed here. The already existing cosmic coordinating intelligence that cannot be grasped mentally but can be coordinated and aligned with, requires our participation. Now while this underlying order has been obscured from view its relevance is no less primary than it has ever been. In fact, I would suggest the projection of this awareness into human consciousness is becoming even more pointed.

    Human beings tend to translate everything in self-centered terms: how does all this relate to me? How does this fulfill me? The pattern of Life is intended to fulfill the whole, and to the degree that I experience being a part of that whole it's fulfilling to me, in a glorious and remarkable way. Human consciousness is meant to be part of the dynamic coordinating mechanism of the expression of Life, not merely pieces on the playing field moved around without really understanding why, but conscious participants in the unfolding cycles of Life.

    What is interesting about this is how precise it gets and how personal it gets. We each are unique. We each have a very particular part to play, and while it is certainly tempting to notice that there are things we can't do, it is far more fruitful to notice what we actually are designed to do, what we are uniquely equipped to do. Human consciousness tends to get very confused about this and considers the unique part that we are here to play to be insignificant or small or marginal. There is apparently a deep built-in self-diminishing virus that floats around human consciousness. And an over-inflation virus. But if we are all part of a living whole then there is something very particular for each of us to do. We might ask, how aware are we, how aware am I, of what I'm actually meant to coordinate and align with? How available am I for this function? The equipment is present. We are wired to participate in this way. But without the substance to perceive it we are often just knocked around.

    There is a saying that, "all things work together to perfection." The perfection has two related components. One concerns our capacity to allow the fulfillment of the creative cycle in each and every moment. This often requires many different steps, some of which have, from human perspective anyway, very long-time frames, and some of which transpire in more microscopic contexts, to align together to allow a particularly fulfilling manifestation of Life. I'm speaking about the domain of essences here, and while this could sound somewhat abstract, it really isn't. However, another dimension of our responsibility (and anyone's responsibility who is alive today and part of this particular unfolding cycle on earth), involves sanctification as well as synchronization.

    Human consciousness has defiled the world. The absence of awareness, the rebellion, has created quite a mess. How could it ever be sorted out? The sanctification process is transpiring throughout the whole. All aspects of it are coordinating to allow a change to occur. I was thinking of this relative to all the connections that were brought to my awareness over the last few days. Each and every one was uniquely aligning with me and at times with each other to bring about an uplifting or transformational release and an increase of Life. It's all remarkably specific. To begin to perceive these immense coordinating processes requires something very precise and specific from the human standpoint, namely humility. The human mind did not create itself. And while we have each no doubt attempted to imagine we had some say over how things were going to unfold, the job of the mind is to participate in the reality that created the mind. This turns out to be very personal. The true subjective experience that unfolds in my life through me, if the phony self has been relinquished, is the reemergence of what one could call the true subjective experience of the divine on earth again. Here I am. It's fulfilling and simple. The responsibility involved goes far beyond the immediate factors in the circumstance. We don't need to know, nor could we possibly grasp the full range of interconnections that are moving at any one moment. What we can know is that it aligned with the "meta" factor behind it all, the Tone of Life. We are participating in this coordinated reality. We have a role to play in the sustaining of that focus of awareness.

    This obviously goes far beyond any outer organizational assemblage. Many people have been associated at various junctures with various kinds of organizational assemblages seeking to embody or facilitate the expression of Being. The deeper point in each case (whatever was in people's minds) was never particularly to bolster the organization but to facilitate the intensified coordination of the expression of Life. As these external scaffoldings fall away all that's left is our capacity to reveal this.

    I think the capacity and requirement for synchronization and sanctification has intensified significantly in the last while. While there are ebbs and flows certainly in the movement of the radiation of Life through human consciousness and apparently ebbs and flows in the capacity of human consciousness to hold, contain, and align with these factors, the necessity of this certainly has not gone away, and is in fact ever more intensified. From an inner standpoint we need very much to be on the job, in whatever ways our outer circumstances require, and our inner awareness of invisible factors leads us to do. In each of our cases only we can know what that is.

    Gradually, our perception of this coordinating process becomes more vivid, and the vision of the sanctification process more intimate. How is the heart of humanity to heal? Through what portals can the power of Being flow? Through beautiful words from a psalmist written thousands of years ago? Or through our presence with each other in seemingly small or innocuous contexts now?

    Whenever the intensification power has moved through human consciousness throughout the history of this cycle there have always come points of breakdown and failure. It seems very difficult to get human beings to hold steady in balance as the power increases. The question I think for each generation, from God's perspective, from our perspective is: will we do it? There is nothing stopping the power from increasing, although the cycles have to work the way they work. There can be cycles and seasons of ebb as well as flow and so a steadiness is required throughout. But as the flow begins to intensify what happens then? We all certainly know human history well enough to see that people don't always deliver. We certainly know our own history well enough to know that that's the case.

    We need to be at the point of balance, but in the world in the action too—not on the side somewhere. There is no escaping. There is also no need to try to. We need to find the quietness in the midst of the so-called outer intensification while the inner intensification flows. There really are many things to consider to allow what I'm speaking about to transpire. While this does not require heavy lifting and calculation it does require consideration, reflection, and contemplation. Synchronization and sanctification, the healing of the whole, occurs because of how we move, how we think, how we let factors come together, how we let our awareness expand.

    Also quite characteristic of human consciousness is that people live in relatively small spaces. Even those who imagine they are living in a very large space—perhaps because they are thinking about their entire country or even the world—do not tend to realize that these are mind-made creations and minute compared to the supercomputer of the cosmos. What is the size of the house we live in? How much space is there in it? How much involvement do we have yet in trying to arrange our external environment, as opposed to allowing the factors that are present to come to focus? I find this requires pretty continuous refocusing personally. It is very easy for the conditioned state to reassert itself. This turns out to be part of the daily journey. We have been participants of a long steady flow of coordinated focus and are increasingly being called on to be alert to and allow the magnificence of this larger process to unfold. Doing this, our notions around how long this should take, what true transformation should look like, or even what role we should be playing in an outer sense get suspended. We need quite a lot of flexibility as well as resilience to be available to do what's needed. But we hold the reins of our own human capacities as we do so. We also have a lot of help in this process. Forces visible and invisible are aligning at every level, an immensity of resources, beyond anything the human intellect could ever imagine.

    I am very thankful to be in position to perceive in some measure the overwhelming abundance of Life, and the flow of it through my friends and the coordinating body of Life that I've been privileged to experience. It is amazing and exciting to begin to be in position to have some conscious experience and appreciation of this, to relinquish absorption and to intensify the radiation. The willingness to move with what is moving exactly as it is moving, with deep poise is clearly how victory is known. I suspect we will get many opportunities for practice in building the substance to allow this confidence to appear, to reveal the assurance that all is well and indeed working together to perfection. It is a great joy to be together with friends. The synchronizing energy of the cosmos is friendship.

April 29, 2018

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