Presence and Perspective

    Andrew Shier:  I'm very thankful to be with everyone online. I hold a great respect for all of you, and for this moment in time. I'm thinking as well of Alan and Jean Hammond. I would like to give thanks for them. We are here on this teleconference call primarily because of an initiation through them many years ago.

    Peri and I moved to Hancock, New Hampshire in 2004. A wonderful community has formed, I think primarily around what we have done in the field of attunement. There's a lot to be thankful for and to respect, to give honor to the substance of life and the people that come into our lives. I feel the second great commandment very deeply these days, of love one for another. Certainly it is the carrier wave for what we know in the world of attunement that illuminates the spirit of life and allows it to flow in a much deeper way.

    To engage in that beautiful interaction with another person requires the capacity to listen, which is vital. Speaking of silence, my wife Peri would be joining me on this call, except that it is her day of silence. For the past eight years, she has honored the last Sunday of every month as a time to spend in silence.

    We inherited Peri's grandmother's home and the 55 acres that surround it. It is a beautiful piece of property and very quiet. There is no mistaking why we have found ourselves here. We honor the silence and quiet that is here because we know what dwells in it—it is the presence of God, the presence of the Great One, my presence, and your presence.

    I'll speak a bit about attunement, because it's something in which I have participated for the last 40-plus years of my life. I seek to begin every session in a place of silence and deep listening. I'm privileged to have the opportunity to engage in this kind of experience with another person. They often come in with certain aches and pains. It is crucial that I remain in the place of quietness in order to connect with their deeper self. As we well know, it is here that the attunement current moves and we connect being to being. I find there are a few requirements to honorably connect at that level. One, as we've been discussing, is silence. The other is that I must be agenda-less, not knowing what will emerge. I trust the Great Presence so much, that I know it will emerge through the silence. So I wait and hold a peaceful presence. This can be quite challenging at times because those who come often have a number of symptoms that have some force to them! That's why they come. I often describe it as the geese not flying in formation. I seek not to fasten on to the symptoms, but to find that deeper river that is flowing underneath it all. The original pattern of health in the physical body has never gone away. It is undisturbed. It is the deeper river, and my role is to connect there. As I say, it requires a letting go and a mind that's free of agenda. Whatever needs to move and be freed up in that individual, life knows where to go. I trust that.

    I think people are looking for a place of safety where they can be seen for who they truly are. As we say in attunement, "Let love radiate without concern for results." Will there be results? Yes, there will be, in some form. But it's not where I'm focused. What an amazing thing to realize that there is nothing to fix, nothing to make better. All that is left is to remember from whence we come and to stay home there. This is where Presence lives and nothing is more powerful than that Presence.

    I'm thinking of a healing experience I had with a woman who was in an airplane accident. I saw her about a year and a half after that happened. I had never felt that kind of jangle or intensity. I thought, "My God! How am I going to handle this? And then a voice came through, "Do nothing. Just sit there, Andrew. Just hold it. Just be present. You don't have to do anything." That deeper stream is present, undisturbed and never been damaged. Sure enough all that frenetic vibration on the surface totally resolved itself. That was a watershed experience. Perhaps we pay undue homage to the jangle and frenetic vibrations that are afoot. But if I can meet another in that place of Presence and assist in calling it forth, everything changes. It is a different thing altogether.

    So to take time to sit and let things begin to settle is, I think, a great art. We live in such an unsettled, chaotic world right now. So what's the answer? Is it trying to fix that? Chase after that? Correct it? According to whose view of what that would look like? But to enter the moment agenda-less and open, or, as the Buddhists refer to it, with a "beginner's mind," we see what life has in mind. That's extraordinary. I guess it shouldn't be extraordinary. It is natural to angelic Being. We're just getting used to it maybe, and realizing how simple and easy it is and how difficult Andrew has made it. So each revelation I get, it's like wow! I've been trying far too hard, too much efforting. It's so much easier than that.

    With the pace of this world, perhaps we are all traumatized somewhat with elements of PTSD showing up. We're living in a very out-of-sync world, with a lot of tension and trauma in the energy field. This woman's pattern began to change because the trauma in her field began to release. Once it did, the biology of her human body began to come back into a state of balance and harmony. As we know, as in heaven, so it is on earth. As it shifts in the heaven, in the energy field, it shifts physically. And who knows what that is to look like? Does that mean that the cancer goes away, or the MS, or whatever? In that sense, it is none of my business. My business is to be in that river together with that individual.

    So, of course as someone who works in the attunement field, I have to be there. When I teach attunement, often the students in the class ask, "Andrew how do you maintain the place of balance and center in yourself?" This is what it looks like right now, to answer that question. I'm up and outdoors between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m. in the morning, doing one of the most wonderful things. I'm shoveling horse manure and feeding our horses. That is my spiritual practice that begins my day. Walking on this earth, with a wheelbarrow of manure, feeling the rhythm of that movement and of the land is so enjoyable! Then I come inside and share tea time with Peri prior to breakfast.

    I teach a lot of attunement courses. What I enjoy the most about this process is when students check in and convey how, "Attunement has changed my life and how I'm able to move through my day with confidence and perspective." It's not about technique. I teach, as does Chris Jorgensen, plenty of techniques, but who's using the technique is always the main thing. So now the teaching is more attunement as a way of life, remembering who we are and why we are here. Uranda (also known as Lloyd Meeker) many years ago said, "You will know what you need to know in the moment that you need to know it." This allows me to stay fresh and authentic in what I know, live and teach. Concepts certainly won't cut it.

    I had been a Tai Chi teacher for many years and had thoroughly enjoyed this. About a year and a half ago, I came home from my class and said to Peri, "I think I'm done. I think I'm complete." Interestingly, I was at the pinnacle of my teaching, with lots of students. I mention this because it conveys something of the rhythms inherent in life. When things are complete, they are complete. Space opens for what is next. My top student took over the class. The way life moves is so delicate and respectful. Students were not left hanging.

    I'm thankful for this time to be with you, to share this place of communion and remembering. There are two parts to this remembering process. One is remembering who we are. The other is a remembering of our worlds and the things and people who inhabit them. Sometimes the orbits are in close, other times farther out. The whole rhythm of that process is a wonder to behold.

    Larry Krantz:  Andrew, we feel your generous spirit and the peacefulness you exude. It is a privilege to be with you and share this fine atmosphere. Interestingly, I feel a strong connection with you, Andrew, even though I haven't seen you for some time. That is true also for many people online today—a deep connection, a friendship, without spending time together physically. I am reminded when, some time ago, I was asked to give a talk in Canada and where someone was to pick me up at the airport. I retrieved my luggage and surveyed the ring of people waiting to pick up arriving passengers. I immediately spotted one fellow and somehow knew he was the one to take me up, even though I had not met him before. During the ride, we didn't talk about anything extraordinary, but shared a surprisingly deep sense of connection. Remarkably, it was as if I had always known this man, that we already had a long friendship. I contrasted that brief interaction with people I had spent considerable time with, yet with whom I did not have that sense of closeness of spirit and purpose—of oneness; I would probably call such people acquaintances or colleagues; in that sense, they were not really friends, with a line of communion and trust. The magic happens when two or more individuals are awake to their true selves—at least to some degree—brought together by spirit, whether for a long-term partnership or a brief ride from the airport. In the usual course of things, false personalities interact with other false personalities and there is no sense of fire or transcendent intimacy, any more than would be the case by rubbing two wet sticks together. So, I very much appreciate the meaningful connection all of us experience today, and the consequent generation of fine substance.

    The world we inhabit looks quite different depending on our perspective. For example, working in an energy field like attunement would seem like fantasy to many, holding your hands over a person or bringing someone to mind far away and assisting them. They would want metrics and measurements, which is how things are usually sized up from a physical/mental framework. On that narrow basis, much is missed. There are dimensions not readily seen or measured by customary methods. When I look up at the night sky and see a field of sparkling stars, it leaves me awe-struck. How can that kind of sensing be quantified? At times, I even feel an immediate connection and oneness with certain stars. Science would say that is nonsense, since the light from a star originated years ago, maybe hundreds or thousands of years ago. And yet, I feel a deep sense of connection with a star, which seems immediate and tangible. How is that possible?

    Such things are only understandable from a different perspective. If the universe is seen not as a cold, external expanse, but as a vast energy net, where everything is connected, other possibilities come into view. Closer to home, you may be aware of stubbing your toe and having an insect fly into your hair. These events occur in distant parts of your body, but you may know them simultaneously since it is one body, and you have an overall, unifying awareness. Conscious awareness permeates your entire body, and beyond. In the macro, there is a cosmic body, and all parts share in that consciousness. Life reveals itself through a vast variety of forms, yet is connected, is one thing. From that perspective, many things are possible—including the field of attunement and communing with a star.

    The vastness of everything has an overarching point of control and each part shares in an awareness of everything, for it is one consciousness differentiated endlessly. In that way, things are not what they seem—at least, not from the usual human viewpoint. What is a star? I think it is much more than a giant ball of gasses in a huge fusion chamber. A tree is more than a potential collection of wooden planks, but something alive—so much more, and reveals the essences and secrets of the one force that propels the universe. The same is true for the horses Andrew mentioned, along with all things large or small, made and sustained with infinite care and precision. People are vastly more, with connections and possibilities and cosmic understanding barely glimpsed. If humanity awoke to the reality of oneness, there would be no more war, no violence, whether physically or through words or other means of expression. It is all oneself, one body, and why would a sane person harm oneself? It would be ridiculous for someone to smash his own kneecap with a hammer? When we hurt someone, we hurt ourselves. When we help someone, we help ourselves, and differentiate what is true of the cosmos. This is the natural expression of life, through each part. We live within a cosmic whole and are here to bring balance and harmonization into our worlds. We can be thankful for people like Andrew, who have a specific calling to heal, who do not stand in judgment or condemnation, but accept situations as they are and do what is necessary to lift them up.

    One of greatest minds was that of Albert Einstein who, in his later life, saw the limitations of the human mind, even his own—brilliant as it was, and he saw that mental cleverness is as nothing when compared to the infinite complexity of the cosmos or the wonder of a flower. He realized there were dimensions not be easily measured and quantified. He said, "As a human being, one has been endowed with just enough intelligence to be able to see clearly how utterly inadequate that intelligence is when confronted with what exists."

    What exists is Being, the one spirit that enlivens everything. When our conscious awareness is humble and open and we listen deeply, we remember who we are—our True Selves. In this is the salvation of the world. It cannot happen any other way but by rising up in consciousness. Einstein also said that problems cannot be solved at the same level that produced them—which shows true wisdom. So, I am thankful for the creative atmosphere generated today, filled with new possibilities. As Andrew said, we begin with the simple things, humble things, like tending the horses early in the day; it is often the small things that reveal genuine stewardship.

April 30, 2017

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