We Are Enough

    John Gray:  Less than two hours ago Don Hynes posted, along with a photo of a climbing rose, a new poem he'd written just today. (https://donhynes.com/blog/) I'd like to open by reading it:

Songs of Earth

Don Hynes

There is only today,
really just this moment
of gray cloud and May green
as tall trees luff in the breeze.
From our hidden core
rung tight with years
we feed new growth,
tender leaves open
and breathing.
The touch of life upon us
we struggle and strive
and move toward light
while still we sing.
Our roots release
into the high top
the songs of earth,
the mortal cries
of what must pass,
our unspoken joy
yet rising.

    It was reported that last weekend, more than two billion people watched the wedding of Britain's Prince Harry and American Meghan Markle. Maybe you were among the two billion? Pamela and I were. I was impressed with the power of ceremony to hold minds and hearts in something of a spiritual alignment, albeit temporarily. Christian theories were espoused, of course, but far more prominent to me was the light, love, and joy that found expression through so many people.

    For many, the royal wedding provided a respite from the type of news that usually dominates the communications media. But all we need do is directly look at the world immediately around us—not through the media but through our own eyes and our own hearts to know beauty and wonder. Babies smile, birds sing, flowers bloom—myriad animals and plants and even many humans live meaningful lives. This is indeed a wonderful world! I think of it as kind of a wild and unkempt garden that nevertheless carries and conveys essences of a pristine original.

    Many, many people aren't all that conscious of it much of the time, if at all. And, thankfully, many are!

    Some—and presumably we are some of the some—have an actual consciousness of the transcendent purpose of it all. We've an awareness of spiritual reality—a heaven—which vibrantly interpenetrates this physical world and its lifeforms. We may share an understanding that humanity as a whole is designed to be God's body on Earth, making possible His powerful creative presence and action in the material world. Who has authentic experience of this? Not very many of the seven-plus billion bipeds walking around on the planet these days. And, having said that, I do not make light of any "brotherhood of man" ideas, beliefs, or hopes voiced by sincere human beings the world around. I think most people would like to have peace on earth and goodwill toward everybody. But if that's really so, then why don't human beings just get along with one another? It's what we claim to want. It's pretty obvious that just wanting world peace, for example—hoping for it, praying for it—isn't working. Never has, never will.

    So, what does work?

    Let's consider: How large a part of our personal bodies have consciousness of our own spiritual presence in it? All our body parts are wonderfully connected and related, and every cell—all 37 trillion of them in the average human body, according to Smithsonian Magazine—is animated by a single life source. But how much of the body is directly conscious of the whole body, and thus of being whole? What portion of it has a sense of overall identity? Relatively speaking, it's a pretty small part. My elbow and my spleen, for examples, have no such consciousness, though I'm sure they're happy to be part of my immensely complex operational body system. Indeed, we "are fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:14), though in current vernacular we might say, "awesomely."

    Parenthetically, when I think about where my focus of consciousness is located, I subjectively perceive that it's not in my body at all, but rather out in front of my eyes and forehead. It's like a window out through which light shines to illuminate my world and make it possible to see and welcome things as they are.

    A huge majority of our physical, emotional, and mental facilities and their functions is subconscious. This is something to be thankful for! Imagine trying to control the blood-purifying processes of your liver, while regulating your heart rate and digesting your breakfast, not to mention a thousand other simultaneous functions. It'd be so stressful you might forget to breathe! So, it's very good that things work as they do, and as well as they do.

    Analogous to the individual human body with an incarnate God Being animating it, is the massive worldwide body of humanity. Spirit is present in the collective, too, at least to some considerable extent, or humanity wouldn't live. How much of the overall population has consciousness of true identity? I think it's safe to say it's a small proportion. Rather than think that that's somehow a bad thing, let's consider that it's by design. It isn't necessary that everybody is conscious of the whole; just that enough people are. How many are enough? I guess we'll find out. I feel there are quite a lot more playing a part in this sufficient number than you or I personally know, to be sure.

    It is the body's nature to be receptive, responsive, and accommodating to whatever is imposed upon it through mind and heart. It is likewise planet Earth's nature. Our personal bodies have no choice but to go along with whatever identity is running the show, as well as being subject to hereditary and environmental factors. The Earth itself puts up with human behavior as best it can, but there is a limit to that, as many people are becoming more and more aware.

    There's a whole lot of shaking going on everywhere we look these days—more than ever, it seems. The human world is quaking, physically, emotionally, intellectually. The usual view of "normal" is losing its traditional definition. The media often report more surprises in a day than used to happen in a month or more. At the level of human affairs, the new norm is to expect the unexpected. Let us see that this shaking up of things—rattling structures in human consciousness and in human societies—is really serving the creative process by releasing previously captive substance to participate in it. We all feel the shake-up these days, and it's not just "out there" somewhere. Whether people realize it or not, or like it or not, we're all connected. We all shake together!

    One who was spiritual mentor to many of us, Martin Exeter, had this to say, more than thirty years ago:

    "There is much substance which will resonate as there are those present on earth who are willing to let it come out of the structures of their own consciousness...

    "This is an irresistible power, drawing resonant substance and dissolving structures which are holding substance, which would be resonant if it was free, from coming home. This has a lot of implications, I am sure you can recognize. There is no need to speculate as to what it is that is going to happen. That engenders concepts of doom. We are thinking of substance coming home. That's hardly doom. Because of this power, substance is freed up because the structures begin to dissolve. In individual human beings, their human-nature structures begin to dissolve, and the institutions of human beings dissolve also. How that will happen, when it will happen, what it involves, we are delighted to find out…" (Martin Exeter "The Irresistible Power" October 4, 1987)

    Here is a perspective from above of what to human beings looks and feels like shaking up, a disturbing and maybe frightening experience for many. From a heavenly point of view, however, something totally different is seen.

    Permit me to wax Biblical: "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." Genesis 1:1 is a good place to start in every beginning, like now. In the sixth verse the place of the heaven is described: "And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters…" "And God called the firmament Heaven." (Gen. 1:8) The firmament, or heaven, both divides and connects "the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament…" (Gen. 1:7)

    The substance of heaven is not homogenous but spans a vibrational spectrum from the coarsest—what is most closely associated with physical substance referred to here as the "waters below"—to the finest, the most attuned with invisible divine being, the "waters above." Water symbolizes truth, design and control. So, heaven is the medium through which the design and control of being is connected to and operates on and in the earth. Whatever the process was in the original creation of heaven and earth, at this stage in the outworking of things the substance of heaven is generated out of physical substance through response to spirit.

    My apologies if I seem to propound heavy-duty principles here, but I do so to remind my own mind and heart of how things really work and what is truly required. All the shaking going on in human affairs and within our planet is part of what is described toward the end of the Book of Revelation as the coming of a "new heaven and a new earth." (Rev. 21:1) What we are engaged in today is nothing less than that.

    We can feel and sense and know that this is so without needing to have mental comprehension of all the ins and outs of it. Maybe we'd mess with it if we knew too much in that way! Let's trust what we do know. Suffice to say that affairs on earth make perfect sense when seen from a heavenly perspective, and what's going on in the heavenly realms is clear enough to those who share responsibility for that clarity. True identity, identity in being, is with God—above the earth and above the heaven. This is where we belong.

    Harry and Meghan's event last weekend touched many hearts all over the world. I believe the real reason is symbolic and scarcely conscious to the multitudes. From a high place we may know that a Really Big Wedding is in the process of taking place, taking form, now. "And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband." (Rev. 21:2) Harry makes a handsome prince and Meghan a lovely bride, but the event of truly cosmic import is the marriage of the Prince of Peace with His body of many members on earth. This morning I re-read the last two chapters of Revelation with new eyes.

    This is what all the shaking and consequent freeing up of substance is for. Our awareness of and deep resonance with this process matters a lot! It's not through any human effort of our own that we—and that's a sizable "we"—have come to participate in the conscious focus of the body of humankind, but here we are. We've been told to never underestimate the power of spiritual expression. As spirit has sufficient medium—sufficient new heaven—to express through, that power and its effects become more and more apparent.

    I am certain that the seemingly few who align and profoundly resonate with God's love on earth are sufficient. We, present in the flesh—whoever "we" are and however many we are—we are enough.

    After all—and before it all too—we are one with the One who has archangelic arms around the world, embracing it in Love.

    How could all not be well?

May 27, 2018

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