To Be of One Heart

    Jack Jenkins:  Welcome, everyone, to Brenda's and my home here in British Columbia, and welcome to my music studio. This is a sanctuary, so take your shoes off.

    I'm not here to entertain you. I'm not here to be critiqued. I am inviting you to share with me today a different way of listening to music. I ask you to help me compose a piece I'm going to improvise. The purpose of what we're doing is to provide a setting for something else. I will be improvising over a piece of music that Maryliz Smith composed. It is on one of her CDs and it's appropriately entitled, "The Beautiful One." The purpose for our gathering this morning is to entertain the Beloved.

    Please participate with me in what is to now unfold. (Jack performed on his cello. Listen to the "The Beautiful One.")

    Thank you all for helping me do that. Music is one way of creating an atmosphere, a setting for something else. What I've played and am about to say is a setting for what's to come, Pamela and John. Today is Sunday, the day of rest in some traditions. Looking out into the world, however, it doesn't look like a day of rest; it's a day of unrest. I think of the analogy of a pot of boiling water; of what comes to the surface from time to time and boils over, goes over the edge. It is all a part of the process of purification and cleansing.

    So, I present this to you on this day of rest, and we continue in our generations together. We bring this to a certain focus for our world—not something to be arrogant about. We assume responsibility for this generation of substance and the fulfilment it brings.

    Pamela Gray:  Jack, thank you for your words and music and the strong spirit behind them. Music helps provide a sacred setting. I step into this space with humility, respect, and thankfulness to continue on this vibration. All through the cycles of time there has been this steady vibration that has not faltered at all, ever. I feel the spirit of communion this morning as you invited us to participate with you in that improvisation. We each let the tone sound in our own ways. In these days of extreme change and the shaking up of deeply embedded mindsets, I am moved to acknowledge the wonder and the power of a clear vibration. I was thinking of the healing power of invisible vibrations like music, words, and the attunement current.

    During this time of pandemic, in the quietude of quarantine and in the sanctuary of our home, I have been concerned with holding in my heart the various vibrational currents coming from the world. But I see my responsibility isn't just holding them, it is to receive them, and to proactively let the power of the spirit of love meet them. There are a multitude of currents that we feel—some disturbing, divisive, raw—others uplifting and healing. There's a longing to be seen, heard, and ultimately to be loved. We feel them all. But what is needed is this higher vibrational frequency where they can be received, without judgement, but simply received with a current of love

    I was thinking of an experience I had years ago. John and I were newly married. We had a modest budget, so meal planning was carefully calculated. I was at the stove one afternoon cooking ground beef. As I was stirring the meat, all of a sudden, I felt this prickly sensation in my fingers. I rubbed my fingers and started stirring again. It intensified to the point of being painful. I thought, well maybe I have spices on my fingers—we were living in Phoenix and often cooked spicy food. I went to the sink and washed my hands, came back and started again. The tactile feeling came back with a vengeance.

    Now I can describe that as a feeling of trauma. At the time, John and I had an attunement service we provided in our home with people coming three days a week for attunement experience, so I was familiar with vibrational currents. I put my hand over the meat and offered a current of love consciously. I was prepared to throw it out if it was bad, but it wasn't bad. It was just disturbed. So, without trying to change it, just simply letting the healing current of love be there, eventually it changed, and the disturbed feeling dissipated and then was gone completely. That experience taught me about perceiving vibrational currents and proactively addressing them.

    We have in our hands the power to receive and bless the world. We are fearfully and wonderfully made by our creator. We have the God-given gift to creatively work with the whole spectrum of currents in the world. It's not up to us to try to change anything. The old state needs to pass away, but to do so creatively it needs to be received in this higher vibration.

    I have been enjoying various words that former President Obama has spoken recently. A few weeks ago he said, "What we're fighting against is these long-term trends in which being selfish, being tribal, being divided and seeing others as an enemy—that has become a stronger impulse in American life." Trends; the trends are changing. The prejudiced attitudes of division that he spoke of are passed down—children aren't born with them, but they acquire them early on. Some words I heard on the news recently described this as "unconscious bias." Humanity carries these divisive currents mostly unconsciously and there's bias they can't explain, but it's there.

    The power of the current of love needs to be in place at a high frequency level. People are seeking it. This is why I feel it's important to me to still be in the public school system. I appreciated what Kate Isaacs said a few weeks ago about her experience of learning from her children, about right timing and being present. Children are open, innocent, and longing for spiritual direction. They are longing to be seen for who they truly are. After all, they've recently incarnated, they still have the connection and memory of true identity. Whatever I'm teaching, be it language arts, history, math, it doesn't matter. What matters is that I am deliberately conscious that through my words and actions come a spiritual vibration that may work on a subconscious level to nurture seeds of remembrance.

    Whether with children or adults, there is tremendous service that is ripe right now. People's hearts are open, they want change, they want to be received. And yes, we can go out and be part of a movement, and that has its place, it's wonderful. But there needs to be this high-level vibrational current that receives it all in the welcoming current of the spirit of love. I feel so privileged to be speaking of these things and know that there are ears and hearts that understand and are participating in this level of service together.

    John Gray:  Thank you for your healing voice. And thank you, Jack, for your healing tones.

    In these times when so much is going on, people feel they're going through a lot. But we may ask ourselves—at least I ask myself—am I going through a lot? Or is a lot going through me? In the first perspective I'm small and what's going on is big; in the latter, I'm quite large and what is going on is smaller and manageable. In true stature the experience is, "I am large and lot's moving through me."

    How deeply do I know the truth of the statement heaven and earth are one? To understand what's really going on, on earth, we must still our minds and hearts sufficiently to sense the starlit invisible that's all around us, enveloping us, and to see the signs, to read heavenly essences. In every moment we do this we also know that we're one with it all. I am in heaven on earth.

    The three of us today are not presenting ourselves to entertain, as Jack mentioned, or to educate or enlighten, but to energize and elevate our connections one with another and well beyond. Let's use these moments we have now as opportunities to expand our own vibrational presence, to express the spirit of love fully through and in this moment. We start by being big enough to extend our angelic touch to everyone now participating in this video conference, for example. How do we perceive one another? What essences do we sense? The fact that our gathering now is virtual rather than in person I think adds opportunity to exercise perception and blessing.

    What does it mean to be of one accord in one place? Obviously "place" isn't physical or geographical. It's a heavenly place—we meet, we join, we commune in heavenly consciousness—that's the place of accord. The root of the word accord means heart. To be of one accord together is to be of one heart.

    I'll tell a story of a close friend of almost 40 years. She retired last year after an illustrious career in academia as a professor at a quite distinguished university. She's a published author, well known in her field, and recipient of numerous awards and accolades. She's also revered by many hundreds of students whom she also loves. Retiring was a big life change and something she had been looking forward to. Then a few months after her retirement she was unexpectedly diagnosed with a serious illness. She's been undergoing treatment since. Needless to say, her life direction took a sudden right-angle turn. I think it accurate to say she turned a corner and discovered anew a place she had not paid much attention to while pursuing her long successful career. Then life made her slow down until she found herself with time and space to be truly still and know. In a joyous, light-filled note she wrote to me recently, she said, "The self I thought myself to be is erasing."

    Though her experience has been rapid and dramatic these recent months—and I must add that she's doing well in her cancer treatment—her story has many similarities to those of innumerable others the world around, especially in these current times. A new self-awareness, a new consciousness of true identity, is pressing to be born. It's right around the corner.

    Just this morning, friend and poet Don Hynes posted a poem entitled, "The New Heaven," on his blog. Listen to the voice he gives to what is happening everywhere on earth:

The old heaven and earth
are passing away
before our very eyes.
Anger and opinion of little use
as the ground slips beneath our feet
and the wide sea opens.
The words written long ago
about horsemen riding
and a great city falling
are now in present tense.
Hold together what you wish
of the crumbling structures
but be sure to look ahead,
to begin the work
of the new heaven.
Don't scar it with old hatreds,
with all that hasn't worked.
Remember to forget
and follow the trail
where life is leading.
Keep peace amidst the turmoil
and your crown in the chaos.
New life is coming
and into that new body
we are all being born.

    Very near the end of the Bible, in the Book of Revelation, mention is made of the tree of life whose leaves are for the healing of the nations. This image, the tree of life, is a portrayal in timeless symbol of what is reappearing in and through us and many more in these times. The Latin root of the word nation means "to be born." May all that is born, expressed, revealed, through our living as incarnate angels be the healing leaves of the tree of life. Nothing matters more.

Jack Jenkins concludes by playing the Prelude movement of The Bach Cello Suite No.1 in G Major. (Click here to listen.)

June 7, 2020

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