True Technology and the Dissolution of the Mirage State

    Kate Isaacs:  It's a pleasure to be here today with you all. I would like to speak about the topic of creative fields for divine technology. I was really taken by Larry Krantz's talk a couple of weeks ago about the state of our world and the many ecological problems that we face. I've spent my entire professional life working on environmental policy and technology issues in business. What came to me to speak about today was the possibilities and problems with technologies that human beings have brought into our world.

    We have developed many technologies that are quite useful and on which we depend every day. Penicillin, the printing press, computers, photography, powered flight, optical lenses, the internal combustion engine, to name several. Of course, these technologies are probably a shadow of what is even possible and reflect our mere surface understanding of the technologies that could be truly available to us. Nonetheless, these inventions are very interesting and useful discoveries.

    Often, these discoveries were revealed by one or a small number of pioneers in their fields—individuals who were often quite astonished by their discoveries. Many of these great pioneers carried a spirit of humility and readily shared credit with others. Perhaps the best example of this is Einstein, whose stance was great gratitude and humility when the mysteries of the universe were revealed to his luminous mind.

    The MIT physicist Rainier Weiss carries a similar spirit. He shared a Nobel prize in 2017 with two other physicists for the discovery of gravitational wave theory. The theory was originally proposed by Einstein about 100 years ago. When Weiss was asked about the possibility of receiving the Nobel, he said, Well it would [mess] me up for at least a year!" When he was actually presented with the prize, he credited everyone else, saying, "This discovery has been the work of a large number of people many of whom play crucial roles. I view receiving this [award] as sort of a symbol of the various other people who have worked on this."

    A couple of years ago I read the book, The Wright Brothers, David McCullough's wonderful account of the origins of plane flight. The Wright brothers were bicycle mechanics in the Midwest. They worked at their bicycle shop in the winter and traveled to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in the summer, where the winds were strong. They spent many, many hours studying the movements of birds and how their wings worked. Their field of agreement produced the great discovery of flight. At first, no one in the United States believed their breakthrough, so the brothers took their first prototype plane to France. At Le Mans field, they demonstrated their ability to undertake powered flight. They became celebrated as heroes across Europe, and eventually in America.

    Unfortunately, inspiring technological discoveries are often distorted in the hands of humankind, by greed, fear, ignorance, fantastical thinking, or disbelief. Fast forward our story of human flight to this year, in which horrific fatal plane crashes of the Boeing 737 Max can be attributed to the rush to reengineer the plane, pushed by competitive pressures and short-term thinking.

    What would it be like to have a field of agreement where a truer tone of character could guide the development of technology? We might consider for a moment the topic of human health. Many of us, all of us perhaps, on this line have had direct experience with attunement, which is a vibrational technology. Attunement is one dimension of our collective spiritual heritage. I have personally had many experiences with homeopathy, craniosacral, and other vibrational healing technologies. I've experienced significant and remarkable healing, which might even seem miraculous to the rational mind. Of course, it's not miraculous; it is part of our vibrational truth. But is not readily accepted by the rational paradigm, which distorts it for its own purposes.

    But there are some areas where a shared field of agreement is alive. One is an approach to birth called Hypnobirthing that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It's still not widespread, but it's "out there" enough that the local hospital down the street offers classes. Hypnobirthing basically involves getting into a relaxed state of mind and heart, free of fear and too much medical meddling, so the natural processes of the body and the spirit can operate. In Tennessee there is a community called the Farm. As far as I can tell it's a kind of hippie commune; I don't know much about it, and I can't vouch for it. But what I do know of it is they have collectively created a transformative experience with birth. The language of hypnobirthing is very different from the standard approach to birth, which uses words like: contractions, dilating, catch the baby, break the water, pain, birth canal, pushing, and the bloody show. These words carry a certain unhelpful vibration that objectifies the body and depicts birth as a violent process that needs outside intervention to occur.

    Hypnobirthing, by contrast, teaches women to retrain our consciousness with language that carries a different vibrational possibility. Instead of a contraction, it's a surge or a sensation or a wave. Instead of catching the baby one receives the baby; instead of breaking the water the membranes release. It's not a birth canal; it's a birth path. Instead of pushing, you're breathing down the baby. Instead of a bloody show, it's the birth show and instead of dilating, a woman's body is opening. These words carry a vibration that support the body's natural processes rather than impeding them. The results are striking. At the Farm in Tennessee, the rate of C-sections is 1.7%, a whisper of the average U.S. C-section rate of 32%. Of course, we must take these comparisons with a grain of salt; the people who live at the Farm may be very different in age and overall health than the average American mother.

    When our first son was born, I had a remarkable hypnobirthing experience. We chose to have him at a local hospital, which had a C-section rate of 23%, much less than the US average. We found the field at this hospital was quite supportive of hypnobirthing. I can say honestly that it was a birth without pain, which was rather unbelievable to me and is also hard to believe for others with whom I share the story. Hypnobirthing is one glimmer of a deeper vibrational technology that is being revealed to our consciousness.

    I believe that how we choose to share our direct experiences with these technologies matters. For a long time, I simply did not share my experiences with vibrational approaches around health and healing. But it's time now. How we do this does make a difference. When I describe my hypnobirthing story, I often encounter disbelief and skepticism. I simply try to share now with the spirit of invitation, that these experiences are part of our human birthright available to everyone and anyone. Like the great scientific pioneers, I try to be humble, personal, and relational. I emphasize that it's not our fault if we haven't had a hypnobirthing experience; it's very hard to break through into a new experience in the face of collective brainwashing and many, many years of everyone doing things a different way. My approach is to invite others into a new shared field—emphasizing that it belongs to us all—inviting those who are interested and physically able to begin to knit together our individual bright lights of experience into something that's collective and begins to stabilize over time.

    Bill Isaacs:  Removing obstacles to the expression of creative potential is one way of describing our mission and responsibility.

    In London this past week there was a celebration of the 75th anniversary of D-Day. This occurred along with quite a spectacle of events, including the Queen's birthday celebration and the feting of President Trump and his extensive entourage by the Queen and her staff. There are only a few people left now who remember and participated in D-Day. Most are over 95 years old. It was bittersweet for them to be remembered and honored as they were. Many of them said the event was mainly a reminder of the friends they lost.

    This was a relatively rare moment when people lifted out of their present-day distractions and recalled the arc of history, particularly the intensity and feats of courage that combined to produce the geopolitical stability we have enjoyed over the last 75 years since the war. I think this was a particularly poignant moment because these same pillars of constancy are under real stress these days. Traditional alliances are being challenged. The same authoritarian political tendencies that provoked war once before are moving again. One of the institutions that emerged out of the post war period was the European Union, which is today under siege from many directions, both from within and from without. There is a great and confusing debate about how (and whether) the UK should leave the EU, which is creating a tremendous amount of political and economic turmoil to people's great dismay. The call in the UK is for another set of political leaders who will fix the situation. But we know that whoever replaces the current leadership likely won't be all that different from what came before. These cycles have been repeating themselves for quite a long time and nothing much actually changes.

    All of this these things, however they weigh on human hearts, are surface play. Undimensional Being is orchestrating all of these factors, even though human beings remain largely unaware of this fact. We live in an operational cosmos. Human consciousness is meant to participate in this larger flow. The larger cycles are evidently producing a move toward some kind of shift. There are many pressures appearing in many directions, threats and challenges at many levels, as well as apparent progress. In any case the usual assumption is that human ingenuity will sort things out. As one looks at the eroding stability of the current order, and the scale and complexity of the issues facing the planet, it comes clear that we are not simply going to think our way out of this one.

    Human beings have relied on rational effort to solve problems for a very long time. This is the go-to strategy. And yet the scale and intensity of the problems at both a social and global geophysical level now are evidently beyond what any human mind could possibly encompass. There is no silver bullet or single solution to the various ills at a human level. All the so-called solutions tend to create the next generation of problems. We are not going to think our way out of this.

    That realization can be quite disturbing. The inventors Kate mentioned showed a certain flexibility of awareness. That is the call in this era. We are embedded in a vast cosmic state, and yet the isolated human ego has virtually no awareness of this. Instead, it has produced a substitute state, a mind-made or mirage world that certainly appears very real.

    This mirage condition is no mere metaphor. Think of a rainbow. It is known that a rainbow is a function of raindrops, sunlight, and our eyes. We assemble these factors into the appearance of a rainbow. If the eye were not there to perceive it, there wouldn't be a rainbow. There is no such thing as an unseen rainbow. It might seem that solid objects are different from rainbows and have some independent existence. However, modern physics tells us that this apparent solidity is actually made of particles that we interpret as solid. Whatever appears in consciousness is in fact a representation of unrepresented phenomena. We translate whatever is going on in consciousness and make meaning of it. In recent years there has been considerable research on how this actually works. Biologists of cognition like Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela have documented how stimuli from outside the mind perturb our nervous system which then translates consciousness into representative meaning. Something like 80% of the translation comes from within us. We are constantly creating a representative perception of the world. Yet we do not really act as if this were true. Our experience seems to us solid, that it is what it is.

    In a fascinating book called, Saving the Appearances, Owen Barfield explores not only how we form our perceptions but elucidates how there have been significant transitions in our collective representation-making over time. We tend to accept the notion that human interpretation of experience of the external world has not changed significantly over the ages. Barfield however shows that it has changed considerably. Earlier cultures had a more direct experience of participating in creating the representations they saw. We today not only perceive, we think about our perceptions, and think about our thinking. But unlike earlier cultures, we typically spend much more time on the latter than the former, to the point where we have largely lost any sense of direct participation in the formation of our perceptions. We are by and large quite removed from the experience of direct knowing.

    But we can discover again and experience more directly what it means to translate perception into form. We can reflect and recognize that we are creators of our experience. The challenge now is to learn to translate more accurately what is emerging from Undimensional Being into experience. This requires that we become more aware of the translation process itself. Expressing the Tone of Life consistently, fluidly, achieves this result, putting pressure on the false translations.

    The human condition in this mirage state does seem to be heading towards some of crescendo. Some years ago, there was a movie based on Joseph Conrad's book, Heart of Darkness, called "Apocalypse Now." The notion that we might be heading for some kind of apocalyptic end evokes fear in human hearts—not to mention numerous film scripts. But the word "apocalypse" simply means to uncover or to reveal. You could re-translate the words apocalypse now into a creative command: Apocalypse right now! The sooner, the better! Letting go of our own rigidities is the reinvention that we need. The perception of the creativity of the cosmos present at every level is obscure to the jaded human consciousness until it unburdens itself of all the false identity factors and weights of reaction that it carries around.

    There are various usurpers in our consciousness that sometimes act as if they are us, factors of emotional reaction that need re-translation and transformation from above, in other words from our Selves. Apocalypse Now! Reveal what is true now. Inevitably this disturbs the foundations of accepted experience.

    Without going into any commentary about him, President Trump is clearly very attractive to some people and repulsive to others. Even the ones who are repelled sometimes admit that they are in some ways attracted to his apparent freedom of expression. While they reject him at one level, they admire him at another. What is this all about? It all relates to the urge to come clear of the trappings of the human state and to the purification of the heart that is required to do so. Aristotle, it turns out, has something very directly relevant to say about these matters. In the Politics, Aristotle says that human beings who live outside of the city state—what the Greeks called the polis, which is representative of the accepted consciousness of the day—were either beasts or gods: "He who is unable to live in society or has no need because he is sufficient for himself," Aristotle says, "must either be a beast or a god" (Politics,1253a). The determination as to which it is for each one comes down to motive. What motivates your expression? As the traditional limits dissolve through apocalyptic shifts in ourselves, our inner stability is a function of our motive. This comes down to our willingness to unburden ourselves of reactive factors that have limited our awareness and kept us trapped in the human state.

    The whole world is deceived, starting with ourselves. The remarkable invention in this era is that we can transform these reactive factors. While this was always possible, perhaps now it is being proven out. We can certainly say with some authority that any factor that emerges in our consciousness we can shift and allow to come into alignment with the Tone. None of it need persist.

    As we do this, we become aware of the unlimited creative potential in every moment. As the labels come off, as the language adjusts, we discover vast new possibilities in many familiar ideas. Take for instance the word "relationship." The tendency is to think of relationships as some kind of exchange, or, more intimately, a spirit of association, of ease, of connection. But really a relationship is an aperture, a creative field through which the design of Undimensional Being can show itself. The quality of that field and the acute listening for what is emerging matter most in such case. The force of Being is far more potent than the mirage state that has dominated consciousness. All the pomp and circumstance that was evident in England this past week, honoring the sacrifices and grandeur of the human state, which we can certainly appreciate, is still really a small subset of the magnificence of Being.

    One could ask, well why therefore has it taken so long to sort all this out? If Being is really so powerful and could change it all, why hasn't it done so? The layers of human nature which we each have some very direct experience of, are certainly rather thick. But still why has it not shifted?

    Man was "made in the image and likeness of God." One of the dimensions of God is freedom. God does not impose. It is not the nature of Life to impose. There are certainly consequences based on an immutable law of creative movement that produces effects, but at no time is anything imposed, including with human beings. So, while opportunities have been provided for human consciousness to rise up, there has never been imposition.

    Nothing changes until I act in alignment with the image and likeness of what I Am, until I bring my consciousness into that place. If I do not, all of this is a mirage, where one looks up from the earth into the heavens hoping for answers. But as I make this shift, it becomes very possible to reverse this condition. The current state is the one human beings may have accepted as true, but it is nothing more than a mirage, one that is eminently dissolvable. That's the threshold that needs to be crossed to allow something new to appear in and through each of us.

June 9, 2019

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