Heavenly Representation

    Sanford Baran:  I much appreciate coming together this morning for a time of spiritual meditation, reflection and collaborative work as we allow an integrating vibrational current to come to focus and permeate the worlds that we touch. We each bring a rich toolkit with us—our physical presence, heredity, background, experiences, points of view and personal set of circumstances. Importantly, we also bring the reality of who we are, allowing that to imbue everything that we do.

    In our last consideration Volker developed the notion of a container, a workspace where everything that is needed to allow something of grandness and perfection to emerge is present and available. I think our bi-weekly gatherings are an excellent example of such a container, as just the right combination of people, setting, atmosphere and logistics are brought together to produce something that presumably has a positive impact on the overall well-being of the whole. We can trust that as the right configuration of elements are in place creative synthesis is inevitable—giving rise to what is needed in the moment to augment the ongoing processes of creation.

    I've been giving some thought lately to the notion of diversity. Diversity, which is simply defined as "the condition of being composed of differing elements" is certainly a major hallmark of the creative process. There is no question that Life at its core is abundantly diverse, even in spite of mankind's failure to be a responsible steward in this regard. Consider for the moment the number of different species just on planet Earth alone. Current estimates put it somewhere around 8.7 million species. Interestingly only fifteen percent of these have actually been discovered and catalogued—the rest are still basically unknown. In other words, there is high confidence that these species are out there, they just haven't been found yet.

    Even with a fairly limited awareness of the species in our midst, it still is amazing to behold the tremendous variety and ingenious makeup of all that we do notice. Every time I go for walks in the open space nearby I am struck at the beauty and artistry so present in the natural world—the array of colors, textures, sounds and smells that are an absolute delight to the senses. How sad it would be if nature were somehow deprived of such a rich palette to work with—such a remarkable profusion and assortment of forms and species that come together and harmonize to produce the grandest and most magnificent of panoramas. I guess you could say that nature herself is the optimal container, a self-sustaining vessel comprised of living breathing substance, organic and inorganic—a surround encapsulating everything needed for life here on the planet to thrive and be a grand expression and representation of the divine.

    Life is indeed diverse, but why so diverse? Wouldn't a couple of a million species instead of eight million be enough? From a scientific perspective this explosion of diversity is explained as the natural outworking of the forces of evolution over billions of years. But from a spiritual perspective I think there is much more going on. The physical world, that which we can see, feel and touch, is a direct representation of the invisible finer levels of Being—those levels that are the driving impetus animating the entirety of the universe. As you can imagine, the composition and makeup of these finer levels is incredibly intricate and elaborate, meticulously crafted down to the tiniest finest levels of detail. So, for the physical world to accurately reflect the essences of these finer levels, there must be sufficient resolution and variation at the level of form to provide adequate coverage and expressivity. Is it any real surprise then that there is so much diversity at the level of form? The physical world is simply mirroring the richness and complexity that is present and operational at the heavenly levels of coordinated function.

    Humanity's job here on Earth is to be a suitable representation of that which originates at the heavenly levels of Being. Fortunately, as human beings we don't need to represent everything—many of those essences are better represented and amply covered by the eight million plus other species here on the planet. However, what is ours to represent needs to unequivocally be represented. Human beings absolutely need to pull their own weight. But best to think of this less abstractly and more in personal terms. I need to pull my own weight regardless of what anyone else does. As I mentioned at the very beginning, we each bring tremendous value to what it is that we do. But actually, so does every other person alive today. Each one of us has been given a commission, to represent the heavenly essences of the species "homo sapiens"—in other words of expressing the highest qualities of character in our interactions one with another as well as being responsible caretakers and stewards for our beautiful planet. Additionally, we each are responsible for gracefully handling those factors that are totally unique and specific to ourselves. Only I can handle what is mine to do and the same goes for you. The fact is, if I don't handle what is mine to do, it simply doesn't get done, leaving a noticeable gap in heavenly representation. Those unique factors that are specific to me at the finer invisible levels of Being would unfortunately be missing in action at the level of form. Our commission very much has to do with filling in the gaps.

    At the community radio station where I volunteer as a DJ, the word diversity is sort of a buzzword. It refers to how diverse the composition of our listening audience is, how diverse our corps of staff and volunteers are, and it also refers to how diverse our programming is. One of the guiding principles related to our musical programming is to play selections that are under-represented, meaning they probably never would be played on most commercial radio stations. So, each of our one hundred or so DJs, is encouraged to play tunes that are unique, eclectic and off the beaten path. I must say that this is great fun to do as a DJ. It has pushed me into territories of listening that I never would have considered in the past. But you can imagine that what does get played can often be, let us say, not everyone's cup of tea. This is totally understandable given the wide range of backgrounds and musical interests within our DJ corps. I know that I've turned on the station at times and have immediately turned it off. Not my cup of tea! But I also have heard some amazing things being played—music that I never would have encountered otherwise. This pattern of programming reminds me of a giant musical tapestry, each section representing a particular musical point of view and curatorial sensibility. Taken as a whole it does provide reasonably good coverage across the musical spectrum and is a good representation of the various genres and sub-genres that are very much part of today's musical landscape. And even with this approach there are plenty of gaps—no way that we could ever offer complete coverage. But my hunch is that there are far fewer gaps in our collective effort than if there were only say a half a dozen DJs. The fact that our DJ corps is much larger and more diverse allows us to offer a much wider and more comprehensive representation.

    I use this as an analogy to illustrate what I believe is humanity's responsibility of providing adequate heavenly coverage—having our individual and collective living be a genuine and encompassing representation of the quality and character of the divine. It seems to me that every additional individual aligned with true character would take us closer in that direction. Not that everyone actually will participate, and it does not mean that now we should go out and beat the bushes to try to drum up more recruits. It just emphasizes the importance of taking this personally and realizing that our own unique contributions are crucial and do make a difference.

    I had an interesting experience recently. One morning I was taking my scooter downtown to my favorite Boulder coffee shop and I had just turned left onto a major thoroughfare en route. I was in the right-hand lane and I hadn't really gone very far and up ahead of me I saw this small white puppy run right out into the street to play. This is a fairly busy street, but I was able to pull over. I whistled at the puppy, got its attention, and fortunately it ran over to me. I wrapped my arms around it and waited for its frantic owners to run up and put its leash on. I was very thankful that I just happened to be there, in the right place at the right time, fortunately on my scooter which aided in the rescue.

    Was this coincidence, luck or was something else going on here? I would like to think that it was the latter, that I was providing heavenly coverage if you will, at this very specific place and moment in time. Was I the only person in the world providing heavenly coverage then? Surely not. I am most appreciative for everyone the world around who are accurately representing that which is true in their own living and thus are in position to be in the right place at the right time to address real needs in their particular settings.

    How much heavenly coverage do you think there is right now? Globally speaking I suspect relatively little considering the degree of human activity so wildly out of control. At this point coverage can only increase. I say, "Let it increase!" Let all who are awakening rise up and express the reality of who we are, taking full advantage of the diverse set of talents and circumstances that are uniquely ours. What a blessing to join the ranks of heavenly representatives, providing heavenly coverage, filling in the gaps—all to the benefit and overall well-being of the whole.

    Larry Krantz:  I am glad, Sanford, that you were able to help rescue the puppy. We should be good stewards for the natural world, but often are not. I read recently that due to mankind's impact on the environment, species are becoming extinct at more than a thousand times what would be expected. Yet, as you say, we can marvel at the complexity and diversity of the natural world, which indicates something of the intricate design of mankind.

    Much of humanity is often interested in short-term gains, taking what they want from the environment and dumping what they want to get rid of, with little concern for the disruption to the ecosystem and the consequences of these actions. There is, generally speaking, a spiritual disconnect between nature and mankind. In spite of that, there is much beauty in the natural world and adequate nourishment to maintain the various species and keep mankind alive. As things are now, the creation is wary of mankind—with good reason. Animals and birds flee when we approach. The variety of life forms brought forth is amazing. But, the natural world depends on the spiritual guidance and partnership of mankind. Without it, nature is left bereft, somewhat chaotic and often violent.

    I have this romantic notion that in the true state of oneness, creatures would gladly come to men and women, as companions, to play, to share this amazing setting, and know love and respect, one for the other. Were that the case, perhaps new life forms would appear that better fit what is needed now—as part of a sorting out, to allow the present design to come into form. Perhaps one day that will become reality.

    Recently, I came across a post where a question was asked. The question may seem childish and perhaps we have asked something similar along the way. This one was actually posed by a mature adult. The question is: Why are there so many mean people on earth? I understand why someone would ask that question. In the world as it is, even children are sometimes mean to each other, including unkind comments on social media, meant to be hurtful. That may seem trivial when compared to the vicious wars throughout recorded history and before. The tools of such conflict have gone from stones and swords to laser-guided bombs and high-tech ways to mess up people's lives. The rationale for that kind of destruction seems insane to me.

    So, why do people act that way? I doubt there are really mean people, as if it is inherent in who they are. Each person is a transcendent being, incarnate in human form. That presence knows love and wisdom and oneness with all the creation. Yet that reality can become lost behind a human ego, with its opinions and selfish determination. In that case, the outer person has taken over control—ripped the steering wheel from the Being within, so to speak—and drives the human experience with eyes firmly shut, which can lead to all sorts of problems. This is why we sometimes behave in hurtful ways, whether intentional or not.

    Some people ignore their inner reality or are out of step with the rhythms of Life, and that is troublesome. The Being within cannot fully connect up with the outer person's consciousness. There is a gulf, or veil, between the inner Self and human consciousness. There remains enough of a connection at an unconscious level to keep that person alive for a while, but the finer levels of understanding and purpose do not come through. Therefore, they build up a false sense of self, with a manufactured personality. Such people take their cues from the world around them, not from within. They react to circumstances, bounce off each other, and strive to have more, even if it means others will have less. Some play this imaginary game well. Others not so much and get the short end of the stick. Such people exist in a dream state, unaware of heavenly cycles moving, and the potential guidance of spirit. It is a narcotized sleep. They are dangerous to themselves and others. The human nature world is a minefield. One needs to be careful.

    These days, there is a call to awaken, to become more aware of the inner Self, of one's eternal nature, and true character. Some manage to rise above the pull of the outer world and sense something calling from within. They know basic decency and kindness. Yet, when the pressure comes on, they can be tugged back into the false state. They do not yet stand on solid ground, and that makes them unpredictable. But, it is a step out of the dream state, into what is real.

    Others have awakened more fully and demonstrate unshakeable integrity in their lives. They are determined to live creatively, regardless of the craziness around them. Such people are lights in the worlds, often generous, kind, and helpful, without necessarily having a higher understanding of why they have incarnated. Such people are inspirational, even heroic. Kindness is attractive. As is generosity of spirit and the desire to make the world a better place. For them, a light shines through and shows the way.

    Finally, some have more fully awakened to who they are, including many on the phone lines today. Such ones are most precious. They are the Blessed Ones, who understand the finer things of spirit and of the job that needs to be done, including the responsibility to help awaken the consciousness of mankind.

    One may ask why there is a greater intensity to awaken these days. It may be the result of cycles set in motion now coming to fruition, including what was opened two-thousand years ago by the Master. Spiritual educational cycles from more recent times have played their part. Perhaps there are cosmic influences at work. Add on the sheer magnitude of so many people on the planet, which is unprecedented and no doubt contributes. Whatever the reasons, there is momentum to awaken, to be more sensitive to the voice within, to see with greater perspective vision. Some hear that call and lift up in understanding, which may be interpreted in various ways, according to culture and language. Others react adversely to impending change, even double down and dig their heels in—which has unfortunate consequences for all of us. It remains to be seen what the overriding decision for mankind will be.

    So, what can we do? We can live our lives creatively. It is often the little things that matter, how we handle our thoughts and feelings and how we act when no one is looking. Rising up in consciousness, we move from coarser levels to finer ones and let the Truth ring forth, as best we may. If some mode of thought or behavior no longer seems accurate, we do not need to get into a battle with it, but simply put it behind and let something finer replace it. No need to rail against the old; it only entangles us in it. We let our true Selves emerge more fully. The earth rises up to meet the heaven, to build a bridge of substance from our living expression.

    I like what the author Eckhart Tolle says about handling circumstances: "See if you can catch yourself complaining in either speech or thought, about a situation you find yourself in, what other people do or say, your surroundings, your life situation, even the weather. To complain is always non-acceptance of what is. It invariably carries an unconscious negative charge. When you complain, you make yourself a victim. Leave the situation or accept it. All else is madness."

    Our conscious living lets the inner reality into this world, so that divine purpose may be seen. It opens the way for fineness of character; the resulting radiation opens doors. The world is magnificent—so diverse and complex. The ground upon which we stand is holy. Everything is part of God. It is always new and fresh. With higher understanding, we move toward oneness with the Creator, that we may care for this marvelous creation. We need to continue to ascend in consciousness, that we may see more clearly what needs to be done. It is a privilege to share these thoughts with you and to know what we know.

July 8, 2018

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