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    Larry Krantz:  As you know from the news and from your own lives, we live in challenging times. We hear of trade wars and gang wars, of mass shootings and uncertainty. Disturbances come at us frequently, but behind the surface turbulence is a heavenly design. That is our grounding, spiritually speaking. Each day the sun rises and shines, even when hidden by clouds, and at night the stars come out. Life is meant to be joyous and full of wonder, our actions sacred and deeply meaningful. When we align ourselves with the stable spirit behind the turmoil, we know that all is well, eternally so, even when circumstances are difficult.

    As you know, we face serious ecological challenges, including climate change and diminishing natural resources—exacerbated by an exploding human population. We have not been good stewards of our world nor have we respected the earth and the spirit behind it, or appreciated the gifts and bounty our planetary home so freely offers. We have taken from the earth without regard to consequences—which indicates a limited vision and lack of understanding.

    Recently, we had family visiting from Alaska; they mentioned it had been 90 degrees in Anchorage—a temperature never seen there before. There have also been unprecedented high temperatures in Great Britain and Europe. Remarkably, wildfires have broken out above the Arctic Circle! These, along with floods and droughts, are harbingers of changes yet to come if we continue on the present course. Some people ignore these signs and refuse to change how they treat the earth, and each other. They deny what is in front of their eyes, while others sound the alarm and plead with those in charge to stop polluting the water, air, and soil, and to work with nature, not abuse it. Our misuse of resources is unsustainable. We need to be partners with our earthly home. Our very survival depends on it.

    Creative living takes into account the context of the whole and is in step with the forces of the cosmos, near and far. If we are out of step, relying on selfish, short-sighted goals, whatever we do will be destructive. If humanity sows destructive seeds, it is folly to not expect a destructive harvest. Thankfully, throughout history there have been those who have had some connection with the Tone of Life, living with enough personal integrity and wisdom that we have survived until now. These precious ones enable sufficient control to prevent us from blowing ourselves up or destroying the earth. But there is not as much wiggle room as there once was. Pressure is ratcheting up and yet many cling to the status quo, desperately clutching their opinions and judgments, afraid of change, while some seek greater understanding. Consciousness is descending and ascending more rapidly. So, it is not surprising to observe coarseness and foolishness rising to the surface from those who hold to the old ways; it is a sign of desperation. Choices must be made. The mass in the middle may go up or down, which is how this sorry state gets sorted out. In the end, the truth will out. Whether our species survives is yet to be determined.

    There is a divine plan in place that has been working out over millennia, to restore humankind to divine understanding. Many stories speak of a former Golden Age on earth, when we were one with God—a time of perfection, when humans had abilities lost to us now. It is said that we are made in the image and likeness of God. That god-like consciousness dissipated, the connection all but broken; the awareness of divinity fell, and humanity felt separate from God. We descended to a low level of function, not much above animals. There were floods and other calamities, from which only some flesh survived. Those who remained were subject to a much more difficult life. These days, there's a glut of movies about people with special abilities, which may reflect an inner awareness that humans at one time had innate creative powers that now seem magical. The Lord was wise in taking away these abilities given that humankind is so volatile and violent—like a parent removing a loaded gun from a group of children.

    I'm reminded of the old Joni Mitchell song, which speaks of a return to a grander state. Her words tug at our deepest memories. She said: "We are stardust. We are golden. And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden." Weighty lyrics. We are not just dust of the ground; perhaps we even have a spark of sun substance within us, likely in the pineal gland. Of course, we can't really get ourselves back to a garden-like state by human strength alone. Religions have tried. People have meditated for decades, sang mantras, and prayed endlessly, yet little has changed. Yet, our Higher Selves know the way and can lead us to true understanding, if we let go and move with the ascending cycles.

    Legend has it that before the Fall of Consciousness, the earth was larger than it is now, that our planetary home shriveled to its present state and at one time no oceans separated land masses, although water was on the surface in lakes and rivers and ponds—a much gentler situation. The human form was thought to have been larger and light-filled and people communicated and travelled using an inner technology. Of course, this is speculation, but may not be far from the mark. In any case, it can be useful to open space in consciousness for other possibilities, even ones that seem fantastic to us now. The world should be wonder-filled, with marvels all around.

    Around 10,000 years ago, humanity was in a state of savagery, struggling to survive, precipitated by an ice age and other cataclysmic events. People lived in caves or meager shelters. From the survivors, clans emerged, then tribes. Tools were primitive and people fought to the death over the scraps needed for survival. Conscious connection to God was almost totally lost, although a remnant remained with some and a connection to the land and natural forces. But with most, superstitions and frightening stories abounded. Imaginary angry gods had to be appeased by sacrifices, including humans. Later, various gods were invented and given human characteristics, such as jealousy and revenge; it was presumed these gods interfered with and messed up human affairs. These were primitive, frightened people trying to make sense of their worlds. Even the historical Abraham was ready to kill his son to appease the gods. Yet, at that crucial moment, he stayed his hand. He saw something more. Abraham realized there was but one God, who was good and loving. It was a significant step. His family grew into a tribe, which became a nation.

    When a fetus develops in the womb, the first step is to gather cells together. They clump into a cluster that divides again and again. The mass of cells goes through a series of transformations as it differentiates, each step looking rather odd and not at all human. Only later in the process does it begin to look like a person. The same is true for the development of the divine body of humankind on earth. Some cells must be gathered and they look nothing like the final form, but it is a necessary start. In the growth of the spiritual body, centuries after Abraham, Moses led the remnant of that nation. He set laws and means of worship, helping this childish mass of people find collective stability. Similarly, Mohammed, at a much later date, set rules and laws to govern a different unruly mass of people. It was what was needed then. Those who still follow such ancient, rigid rules can miss the point. These were stepping stones, appropriate to unique circumstances in the past, meant to lead to other stepping stones along the way to divine understanding. Refusing to take further steps dooms a person, or group, to stunted spiritual growth.

    Most of us are familiar with the story of Jesus. More than a thousand years later, he worked with the descendants of Abraham and Moses—a useful starting point. He inspired people to leave their old ways and spoke of putting new wine in new bottles. The rules from before had to be released if something new was to be seen. Unfortunately, not many were willing. Nevertheless, he opened the way vibrationally for those who followed. His words were subsequently interpreted and re-interpreted according to narrow views, which were codified into dos and don'ts, often layered with fear and shame. There are 33,000 Christian denominations, each with their own beliefs and sets of rules, and the friction between them has led to countless wars and many deaths, which makes one wonder how many people actually understood to any depth what he brought to awareness. Jesus told his followers that there was an invisible heaven at hand, touchable right where they were, not after death or in some imaginary future. He spoke of compassion and brotherhood, of loving one another, and of giving all to a loving God. It was a further stepping-stone to greater understanding.

    Recently, another level of understanding was offered, a progression along the path of spiritual awareness. Many of us are familiar with the great spiritual lights we knew as Uranda and Martin Cecil. There have been others, with varying degrees of clarity, who pointed the way. Such wise ones described the character of divine men and women and of how to express the qualities of heaven into any circumstance. They emphasized personal responsibility and reminded us that our inner Selves know the way, if we listen with still minds and hearts. They emphasized expressing right spirit. Even a small change in what we express is significant. Think how the world would change if all people simply acted with kindness toward each other! It would be staggering and the beginning of a heavenly state on earth.

    If we express divine qualities, we generate an atmosphere that permits the light of heaven to be received by our human consciousness. Radio waves need a receiver to have meaning. Without it, invisible waves pass right through us. But with a radio receiver tuned to the right frequency, music and words are heard quite clearly. The generation of this fine atmosphere is the receiver that picks up the transmissions of heaven. This fine substance of connection allows our minds and hearts to be aware of the ordinances of heaven. It is how we can live creatively and ride on the crest of the wave of divine action. The pulsations of heaven have always been there. It begins with a sense of the divine and sacredness, but must go further. Man's fallen consciousness is simply incapable of receiving the finer impulses of spirit.

    The generation of this connecting substance is the crucial next step, and is in focus now. It permits a flip in identity, a shift from limited human identity to vast divine identity. This is a profound transformation. Without this connecting substance, heaven seems distant and we feel alone. It is why imaginary gods were invented to fill in the blanks. But when there is this essential connection, human interpretations are no longer needed. We see from the perspective of the divine, from our higher Selves, and the voice of Truth helps us remember.

    In Revelation, mention is made of a sea of glass clear as crystal, mingled with fire. Fire represents passion, the heat of love. Back when this was written, a couple of thousand years ago, glass was not made well; it often had impurities and was wavy; some light was transmitted, but what was on the other side was not clear. For the wealthy, glass could be made of higher quality. They understood poorly-made glass and seeing through a glass darkly, as well as the marvel of glass that was clear—so the analogy was apt. It illustrates this connecting level, which permits heaven to pervade our human senses. Humans do not belong in heaven; we were made to function on earth, with heavenly understanding. The truth of heaven is meant to infuse human awareness. When there is this connecting substance, hearts and minds are filled with heavenly essences and understanding. We become aware of the protection and direction of spirit and can move wisely, even in this crazy world of human nature.

    Jesus said, "The Father and I are one." His consciousness was heavenly. So it can be for each of us. The Father is not gender-specific; it is a positive force. Women are daughters of their fathers and men are sons of their fathers. When our identity shifts, we realize that we reside at the apex of Love.

    Even when the human form is no longer viable, we continue as Love, at the point of connection between the undimensional world and the dimensional world. Love unifies and draws together. It is intense and powerful. Yet, Love is varied. It differentiates like branches from a tree trunk, as does each level of being. In human experience, which is a reflection of the Spirit of Love, we are familiar with romantic love—the compelling force that draws people together, sometimes against great odds. Love of a child or love for a parent is a variation of love and emphasizes protection and encompassment. There is love of a brother or sister, or a teammate. And love between friends. The Spirit of Love is unselfish and radiant, but in the human world what is thought of as love often has strings attached; that is not love, but a distortion of love. Love seeks nothing for itself. It shines forth and is concerned with giving, not taking. The intensity of Love moves through the Spirit of Truth and then the Spirit of Life, differentiating along the way. This is how it becomes meaningful to us. These variations show the inventiveness of spirit and the resultant life forms are incredibly unique and wondrous. For example, there are no two people who are exactly alike, not even identical twins. The variety and beauty of Life expressing itself in endless ways is amazing.

    I recently re-read a book called The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. It speaks of a higher state of human understanding, now lost. He writes: "There was a language in the world everyone understood...it was the language of enthusiasm, of things accomplished with love and purpose...intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life, where the histories of all people are connected and we are able to know everything because it is all written there...The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present you can improve upon it. And if you improve upon the present, what comes later will also be better...The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them."

    Great words. When we are one with our higher Self, living in the moment, we know creative freedom. Our inner reality is not interested in micromanaging our lives, telling us to move a foot or blink an eye or brush our teeth. We have the ability to think and feel, and to choose. Our inner Self sets a creative field in harmony with Being. We can then use what is at hand to make a difference, to contribute to the whole. Our higher Self loves our human self and puts us in the best position to be safe and successful. We can ride the current of spirit, which is dependable and ever present. That is the easy way.

    In the days ahead, it may get bumpier, but we are stable in our understanding of the larger cycles that have been working out over millennia. In this great outworking, we can play the part that is uniquely ours to play. It is a pleasure to share this understanding with friends.

August 4, 2019

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