All Things New

    Bill Bahan:  Ten days ago my wife, Linda, and I flew from Atlanta to spend three days with five of our friends in the Rocky Mountains near Colorado Springs. This gathering included John and Pamela Gray from Southern California, Suzanne Core from Colorado, and David Barnes and Anne Blaney from British Columbia. The theme of our gathering was, "All Things New." We rented a lovely mountain home tucked into the side of Pikes Peak at an elevation of about 7,700 feet. From the living room and large back deck there was a marvelous panoramic view of mountain peaks. It was a glorious setting.

    Our gathering was a time of sacred communion. We each read transcripts of services and classes by our spiritual mentors, Lloyd Meeker (Uranda) and Martin Cecil to each other. We listened to audio tapes and viewed some videos. David Barnes did a wonderful job of selecting the materials we considered. The words we shared from these two men are as meaningful today as when first spoken.

    During, or after, each presentation we took some time to share our thoughts and expand upon various themes. Our purpose for being together on earth at this time became vivid in my awareness. We are here to bring a new heaven, a sacred state that has not been known by mankind on any large scale for many thousands of years. One of the evidences of the new heaven is the experience of true friendship that we share.

    Here is a statement attributed to Albert Einstein: "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." When man fell thousands of years ago he lost consciousness of his true identity. In using the word, "man," I am, of course, referring to both men and women. The place of true identity has been described as having position but no magnitude and can be symbolized by the letter "X" which is made up of two "V's." The upper "V" represents the heavenly dimensions of being and the lower inverted "V" represents the earthly dimensions. They both share the same apex. Man was created to live at that crossover point, at the apex, so that the heavenly essences of spirit can be conveyed into the world of form through his outer capacities. All things are made new as there is a return to the place of true being.

    Man's consciousness fell by reason of the attitude of judgment and emotional reaction to the external world. In this reactionary state destructive spirits began to be expressed that produced a veil in consciousness, the impure heart, a dark cloud, which has completely obscured man's awareness of his true identity at the crossover point between heaven and earth. "And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not." [John 1:5] Life below the veil is very restrictive, a two-or three- dimensional experience, whereas life without the veil is designed to be a seven-dimensional experience. It's like the difference between watching the television in black and white and watching it in color. The fourth dimension of the pure heart is a window of heaven that connects the three heavenly dimensions with the three earthly dimensions.

    The whole world is contained in our consciousness. The darkened state of human consciousness below the veil has produced a world of illusions, a dream state where problems are constantly being self-generated and begging for solutions. Valiant attempts are being made by mankind to resolve the issues of this world but as Albert Einstein correctly stated, "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

    As there is a re-creation in our consciousness through the purification of the heart, there is a re-creation of the world contained in our consciousness. We see everything in a totally different way. There is a whole new perspective because we are letting ourselves return to the crossover point. This is how all things are made new.

    The restoration of fallen man is the restoration of man's consciousness to his true identity. The only way this can occur is to let the veil be dissolved, to let the heart be purified so that the oneness of heaven and earth is known in one's experience. As we know, the purification of the heart occurs by letting one's whole attention be centered in the expression of the true qualities of spirit.

    We are aware of a few opportunities that have been offered to mankind within the past four thousand years to initiate the process of letting true consciousness be restored. There was the First Sacred School at the time of Moses and the Second Sacred School at the time of the Master which both ended in failure due to inadequate response by those who were on hand to participate in the process.

    After the Master realized that the Second Sacred School could not be carried out successfully on a collective basis, he took it upon himself as one person to move through all seven sacred schools, all seven levels of consciousness which involved the generation of finer levels of spiritual substance. It is said that the veil was rent in twain. The Master opened a door for mankind by establishing a victory at every level of consciousness. As a result of what occurred in his experience a vibratory radiation was released into the consciousness of mankind which has been referred to as the true tone of life.

    This radiation of spirit has been working in the mass consciousness of mankind ever since that time and having a powerful influence. It provides the opportunity for clarification to occur at the level of the subconscious mind and heart so that man may let his consciousness be raised up to where it belongs.

    We are aware that this radiation of spirit working subconsciously broke surface through the person of Uranda who initiated the Third Sacred School—a spiritual expression plane approach. Here is the opportunity for a collective body of individuals to be returned to a true state of consciousness and to bring a new state on earth. It is only through a consistency of spiritual expression that the heart is purified and a person can be restored to the crossover point. There can only be movement into the Fourth Sacred School, the fourth level of consciousness when the heart has been purified and this has been one of the primary purposes of the Third Sacred School.

    There is an intensification of spirit occurring in these days. Those who let themselves be aligned with the spirit of God, the true tone of life, are raised up in consciousness to a whole new level of experience and those who resist are cast down into a descending cycle. It's a matter of personal choice. We see this clarification process working out in the world of mankind and we know that it has been at work in ourselves.

    One evidence of moving victoriously through the Third Sacred School is the experience of being "In the world, but not of it." We are aware of what's happening in our world, both near and far, but it no longer has the power to grab our emotions and produce a reaction. That would only maintain the impure heart and the veil in consciousness. There is a stillness in mind and heart—a sea of glass, clear as crystal even though many things may be swirling around us and there is a process of change working out.

    As we move forward in this re-creative process then we may be an example and an inspiration to others—a stable point of orientation so they can move in this process as well. Many times this simply means letting our light shine so that others may see there is a new state available to be experienced.

    I would like to close by sharing a prayer written by Martin Cecil:

Whatever arises, let me dwell in the secret place of the Most High.
Let there be a place of stillness in the midst of turmoil.
Let there be a place of light amidst darkness.
Let there be a place of ease amid disease.
Let there be a place of order in the chaos.
Let there be a place of love and beauty in the midst of fear and ugliness.
Let my presence be a beacon of enfolding radiance in every circumstance.

    And so may we let it be.

    John Gray:  Thank you, Bill. You mentioned the small gathering we were part of, "All Things New." I'll add that it was and is very clear that immersion in the tonal quality of expression of spiritual mentors we each knew back along the way evokes a very new experience in those who are not students but spiritual leaders themselves. We found ourselves meeting in the place our former mentors were coming from and experiencing a profound friendship among ourselves. Everything we considered was made new before our eyes and in our hearts.

    What is it that works against human beings' rising up into a new and true level of self-awareness? Here's one way of looking at that question:

    All human beings are born with a complex, debilitating disease. It is ubiquitous—so much so that it is thought to be natural and normal. Not only is it a congenital condition, but it's communicable also. A double whammy! We're all born with it, and people spread it wantonly, unknowingly, ignorantly. Oh, and there's no cure known to man.

    This dis-ease, the absence of ease, is a very incomplete and thus erroneous identity. Common symptoms of this illness of separation from life's larger design are greed-fever, a dreamy delirium, and virtually total amnesia, prompting many to wonder: Who am I? Why am I here? Other symptoms include fear, self-centeredness, shame, accusation, blame, criticism, hate, delusions of both insignificance and grandeur, despair, depression, a wide variety of hallucinations, and strong tendencies to harsh judgements, petrified opinions, and irrational acts. These are some major symptoms, and it's not a complete list—obviously this is a very serious condition! Everyone has it from birth, and contagion makes it worse. It's epidemic.

    Epidemiology—the branch of medicine that deals with the study of the causes, distribution, and control of disease in populations—is derived from the Greek roots epi, signifying "upon, among," demos, meaning "people," and logos, denoting "study, word, discourse." Put together they mean "the study of what is upon the people." If we study what is upon all the people—the human false identity syndrome—we recognize it to be pandemic because the condition is extensively epidemic, worldwide. It's everywhere, in other words.

    The body of humanity is a single entity. Most people focus on the distinctions, the differences, which there clearly are. A cell in my heart looks and functions differently from one in my skin, but both are parts of my one body. The body of humankind as a whole is ill. Obviously each individual cell in it is born, has its time, and then dies; millions of births and deaths occur every day. But the whole body is sick. Symptoms may be more evident in some organs and in some cells than in others, but like it or not we're all affected by the general human condition. We're all connected. Look at the planet from an astronaut's perspective and it's obvious we're all on this spaceship together. And our living Planet Earth itself is ailing in ways more critical than most care to recognize.

    Those who do recognize the facts of environmental degradation, for example, tend to feel a mixture of desperation, hope, and despair about them. I feel grief and deep sadness about the state of affairs; none of us is exempt, in fact. Bill reminded us of Einstein's, "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." If we accept that Albert was very smart, as I do, his statement is worth examining more deeply, for it points to the only way to go: a complete shift of consciousness.

    As Bill also emphasized, opportunities and inspiration to elevate consciousness have been offered to humanity throughout history and before. Yet the disease persists. False identity is pandemic. It is upon all people. It is so thoroughly endemic most don't even know they have it. While there is no cure known to man at the level of consciousness that produces and maintains it, the condition can be overcome.

    Let's look at how. An essential, initial recognition is that we're not merely human, products of our heredities and environments. We're human beings. Being activates the human. Without being there is no human. Being is the source of life. "I'm alive," a human might say, "so evidently there's a source of life present in me." Okay. That's a start. But the really big change in consciousness to come is from that of being a body, mind and heart glad to receive the gift of life to knowing oneself as a spiritual being having a human experience. The latter is who we each really are. As we truly accept the opportunity, the inspiration, and the guidance that has been and is now personally offered to us, both externally and internally, being who I really am matures from theory into experience. My, and our, behavior springs from the character intrinsic to whatever identity we accept and know. As what's accepted is the real self, our experience of ourselves in consciousness is made entirely new. We overcome the disease of false identity. We'll discover what that looks like as we do it.

    I read a news item about the Ebola epidemic in parts of Africa which said that one of the most effective means medical personnel found to check the spread of this highly communicable disease is soap and water: frequent hand washing. Clean hands are a perfect metaphor for clean behavior in all we do. Clean hands are healing hands, helping hands. Contaminated hands do evil, and spread it. Let us have clean hands and a pure heart.

    There is immaculate design evident in our facilities of divine incarnation—that's what our bodies are. Using them in ways contrary to their true design and purpose is at best ineffective. Actually, it's out of control, and does damage. If I use my hand to try to drive a nail into a piece of wood, it not only won't work, it will hurt! It is written that human beings are made in the image and likeness of God. There's the design, but what of true control? Physiologically, some evidences of divine control are evident to those who see: blood and lymph circulate, hearts beat, lungs breathe, breakfasts digest, muscles coordinate, and myriad more life functions go on, mostly unconscious and unseen. Consciously, people tend to take the miraculous for granted, but we are awesomely and wonderfully made. Mentally and emotionally, true control is interfered with by reactions to externals, and the body pays the price. Our physical bodies, and the physical body of humanity and of planet earth, have no choice but to accept whatever is imposed on them by the character of consciousness that occupies them. We create the worlds in which we live; to believe otherwise is delusional. There's no big evil power out there doing anything to us. If we function as designed, and under the control of the One in whose image we're made, the world is surely made new in health and wholeness. In the process we discover that individually we are quite large and creatively powerful; that our physical bodies are actually the smallest parts of us.

    At almost entirely subconscious levels life moves through individuals, through the body of humanity, and in and through our living planet. Were it not so, do you think any of this, or we, would be here? No. Grace and space have been granted to us and to all to come out of the identity that produces the diseased state. We—individually, collectively, planetarily—have been called into attunement with the tone of life. Let's answer the call with all our hearts. There is nothing stopping us.

September 15, 2019

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