Purified Expression

    Sanford Baran:  The present moment is our aperture into the realm of creation. Anything of real value and consequence always occurs right now. So, given the very special nature of the present moment I thought it might be mildly interesting to run a thought experiment and come up with an estimate of how many present moments we actually have over the course of our lives. To simplify the math, I'm going to assume that a moment takes a full second. I realize that this is not the greatest assumption, but for the purposes of this exercise this hopefully shouldn't matter too much as I'm not trying to be overly precise. I'm just trying to come up with a ballpark number. Now if you consider that the average life span here in the developed world is maybe seventy-nine years—that would mean that we each have upward of two-and-a-half billion present moments over the course of our lifetime. That's a whole lot of moments! So, what can one person do? Quite a bit, if Spirit is allowed to have its way in even a small fraction of these. A good question to ask oneself is: How many of my present moments have I actually taken full advantage of, spiritually speaking? To what extent has there been sufficient clarity in consciousness such that something creative has come to pass in my present moments? Well no need to judge ourselves or fret about what is now past history. But moving forward, I realize using myself as an example, that I might have a half a billion present moments still to go. And in each of these moments there is a golden opportunity to let something truly creative be known because of what I do in my living. So, it's good to roll up our sleeves and get down to work—we might as well start right now. Increasingly I'm feeling a more pronounced sense of urgency to not squander this precious gift that has been so generously offered.

    In every moment, we have opportunity to extend a creative influence into our worlds. This happens as we embrace and identify with those core essences born of Spirit within ourselves. It is most wonderful and fulfilling to allow the fineness of such essences to manifest in our momentary living. We also are aware of other impulses and patterns still present within the range of human experience that are definitely not born of Spirit. It's of course easy to observe such ill spirits in the behavior of others, but if we're honest we can still detect some remnants of these in ourselves. Human consciousness is in fact a mixture, comprised of elements that are heavenly and those that aren't. I bring this to our attention not as a criticism or put down, but simply as a statement of fact—a reminder that there is important work to do in consciousness to strengthen and enrich our own internal processes of purification.

    In a way, it's not all that important that we understand the exact extent and composition of impurities lurking in consciousness or how they got there. Perhaps we might get the idea that we should put ourselves on a diet from newspapers, television, radio, video, music, social media and the internet. But would that really help? There are so many other intractable sources that we have little control over—like our own heredity, upbringing, religious training, education, past traumatic experiences, or the very large elephant in the room, our connection to mankind's collective consciousness. Considering the intensity, volume and range of impurities in our midst, it's no surprise that consciousness really is a mixture, a concoction of ingredients, some heavenly and others not. It's good to be aware of this without getting too bogged down in the details. Rightly our interest and attention is focused on the heavenly essences in the mix. No matter how muddled the mixture, there always are heavenly essences present. These are the elements that really matter and inspire us to do the right thing, as we express our very best in the moment.

    We begin to understand why purification is so important. It's our built-in mechanism to extract value and meaning from whatever is presently occupying our consciousness. My feeling is that purification is not something that gets accomplished and then we're done. I think of it more as a flow, something that is continuous and ongoing, not unlike the workings of the kidneys purifying the blood stream. Have you ever had the experience of thinking that a particular ill pattern in consciousness has been totally dealt with only to have it return some time later? Patterns in consciousness are forever in a state of flux and it's not unusual to encounter repetitions of one sort or another. Fortunately, the machinery of purification is right there, ready to take whatever action is needed to ensure that heavenly essences are kept front and center and impurities are discarded. In doing this, an indispensable and truly trustworthy point of reference is established in ourselves, paving the way for us to clearly discern what is genuine, what is relevant, what has value and what does not.

    I was reading that one of the most effective methods of purification is distillation, which apparently has been in use for some eighteen-hundred years. In a nutshell, distillation is the process of vaporizing a liquid into steam and then converting that steam back into a liquid via condensation. During the vaporization phase, the contaminants and impurities evaporate away and thus are no longer present in the re-condensed liquid. I'm thinking that this is a rather good analogy for what happens when consciousness is purified. Intensified vibrational energy is applied to the mixture in consciousness to be purified. Since heavenly essences within the mixture operate at a higher vibrational frequency they can tolerate the applied intensified energy and remain in the mixture. Impurities and contaminants on the other hand operate at a much lower vibrational frequency and do not tolerate the increased vibrational intensity. Consequently, they either burn off or evaporate as a result of the intensification. The final step is the cool down phase, where the intensity of applied energy is removed and the resulting condensation restores the mixture to one that is now purified.

    It's important to note that we ourselves are meant to play a part in all of this—we're not just observers off to the side. We play our part by letting our capacities of body, mind and heart be the refining vessel, be the crucible where the actual distilling is done. As crucibles, our job is to welcome vibrational intensification and provide the capacity to let the pressure build internally. We also need to be able to hold steady under pressure as impurities evaporate and refinement is allowed to proceed. Finally, we provide a calm and serene presence, which assists with the cooling phase needed for condensation. As we increasingly develop greater skill and experience with all of this we learn what it means to strengthen and enrich our own internal processes of purification. Along the way we might encounter some growing pains. This is to be expected as we exercise muscles we're unaccustomed to using or as we learn to become more adept at handling pressure. However, this is all wonderful work. This is what we've come to do and we love to do it. To the degree that purity of expression is allowed to permeate all of our present moments, we are in the best position possible to extend blessing and creative influence into everything that we touch.

    It occurs to me that purity of expression is not really an end in and of itself but is a necessary starting point if the heavenly state is to become a reality in the lives of human beings. I am most appreciative for those around the globe who are deliberately mindful in expressing the very finest in their living. You can sense a brand new world coming into view. It's a world characterized by trustworthiness, honesty, truthfulness, respect and a genuine ease between individuals. It's a world distinguished by those who love to creatively work together, and are able to do so because they share the same nobility of Spirit. It's a world where the emphasis is on right Spirit, humility and a reverence for the sacred. It's the world we were meant to live in.

    Of course, the starting point is with individuals. In other words, the starting point is with me. My focus is to exemplify the heavenly state in my living. This is done as I let my expression be purified in all of my moments to come.

October 1, 2017

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