The Emergence of Real Governance

    John Gray:  Many people wonder what in the world is going on these days. It's a good question, and there are a variety of ways to look at it. The news media mostly report spikes of irrationality, since these human behaviors are deemed most newsworthy. We may feel assaulted with that sort of news. But there is much more going on that is of far greater import and significance.

    There are cycles at work that are cosmic in size and we, in our solar system and on this planet, are part of those, inescapably and wonderfully so. To this larger cycle there is a descending aspect and an ascending aspect simultaneously occurring. Generally, what is reported on has to do more with the descending than with what is lifting. What tends to predominate in people's awareness is what they have a majority of resonance with. There are people who feel the world is going to hell in a hand basket, and so maybe it is for them. There are others who see a bright clear day—the sun is present as ever, and all is well. What divergent perspectives on the same situation! What do I see? What do you? It isn't that we're not aware of what's going on in the world where we are, but we can be aware of far more. In this transcendent awareness, we see and experience what's what in an altogether different light.

    The Book of Revelation in the Bible is a symbolic blueprint for our times. A very pertinent excerpt is, "Babylon the great is fallen..." Rev. 18:2 "Babylon" represents the man-made world. There are two reactions to that falling, described elsewhere in Revelation this way: "...rejoice ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them," and, "Woe unto the inhabiters of the earth..." Rev. 12:12 These descriptions relate to where people's primary resonance lies. If we are identified mostly in the earth, then we see things mostly at an earthly level. That's often scary and disturbing. "The heavens and [those] that dwell in them" is a way of describing people with spiritual vision and understanding of the ascending cycle, of what is rising, integrating. It's a wholly, holy, different view!

    When we so live that our light is shining sufficiently, we see what's really what. We see the whole picture, both ascending and descending, and we can look at it all with compassion and without judgment. We understand that the shenanigans of human behavior are essentially reactions to this vast cycle at work. We, and all people, have it within us to move with the ascending aspect of the creative cycle if we will. Where our hearts are and what we resonate with determines what we experience, ultimately either rejoicing or woe. It is so essential that those who share a measure of experience of this light-filled world love one another.

    Volker Brendel:  We all seek understanding: understanding of how the world came to be in the first place, of how society came to be in the sorry state in which it currently is, but also understanding of the many evidences of outright beauty. There are many examples of wonderful acts of creativity. Looking around we can ask: how is it possible that a person has so much understanding? How can there be such wonderful acts of generosity? When we see a loving compassionate, person, we may ask, where does such an attitude come from?

    Conversely, we can also look at natural disasters and human misbehavior. And we may wonder how anybody can be so mean, so off-course in the evidence of all this beauty? These are two extremes. How do we reconcile them?

    If we examine human health, we know from medical research that an awesome array of different molecules must act in harmony to allow our lifeforms to do wonderful things. There are many interactions at that level that must come together in the right way and at the right time. It is mind-boggling to contemplate all the different factors that have to synchronize, even for seemingly simple things like speaking, or moving our hands, or digesting food. Life is orchestrating all of this. At the same time, in disease, we often find that when just one little part goes awry, it throws everything out of balance, and the end result is the experience of disease.

    There is an underlying design that animates and explains all the extremes. We need psychologists and all kinds of medical doctors and social workers, educators and mentors to explain in greater depth the mechanisms at work here, but the underlying structure is informed by just one design of life!

    Now I will illustrate this; I came prepared (Volker pulled out a few strings of dental floss). This is a modern illustration. In modern terms, we would say that we are part of an amazing network which we call Life. There is one source of Life, and there are cords of connection extending from the one source to each of us. Poets of old called these silver cords, but I don't see anyone here dangling on a silver cord. In times when poets spoke of silver cords, people didn't have dental floss! I have dental floss, and it will work splendidly for our illustration.

    There is one source of Life, and its force extends all the way to us along these cords. Perhaps the cords are of different lengths, some being a little closer, some a bit farther away. But be that as it may, we are all connected in this way. Now and then, little conglomerations appear: some threads come closer together, and clusters of nodes in the network appear. We don't have to look further than the people in our immediate worlds: some of us have known each other for a long time; some we don't see for decades; others we may meet for the first time.

    The network brings us together; we do not design it this way—none of us can predict or even wish for all the configurations that appear in our lives. Rightly, there is something flowing along these edges in this graph (the silver cords), and it is Life that is organizing everything.

    In the disease state, other clusters are appearing. I would call them entanglements. Who has not ever been in a relationship that wasn't quite right, or associated with a peer group that wasn't the most creative group to be with? What happens in these cases? Well, there is a price to be paid.

    I had a small observation at an airport recently as I watched a group of people, I assume a mother with her three teenage kids.

    It was a very cheerful group, lots of laughing, and they were interacting quite nicely with each other. The mother was a very large person, carrying a lot of extra weight in all the wrong places, you might say—to the extent that physically she was quite handicapped with respect to movement. Her children were well on their way to match or exceed their mother in size. In the midst of their bantering, they opened a few plastic bags of potato chips and started to consume them without much looking at what they were eating.

    I bring this up not judgmentally but as a small illustration of the effect of a poorly chosen peer group. These kids (like many others) were marked for life in terms of ill health—well on their way to get diabetes and experience all kinds of troubles. Very cheerful but likely soon paying the costs of poor choices.

    And so it is with all kinds of entanglements that we might have. If we find ourselves in the wrong place, with the wrong peer group, what happens to our experience of the life force? Many of you have gardens. If you have a garden hose that gets entangled and knotted up, no matter how much you turn up the faucet, the flow stops at the entanglement, and at best a trickle comes out.

    Understanding this, we realize that Life has a way of disentangling all of the mess. It's happening. How? If you have a really bad knot in your hair and you want to get it out, what do you do? You snip it off.

    That will remind us that nothing that I have said has not already been explained for 2000 or more years! Different language, of course (allegories of vines and branches and pruning, for example). There is but one source of Life from which everyone and everything branches.

    Acknowledging that truth, everything in our lives is easy to explain and to change as we allow whatever tools we have at our disposal (silence being one of them, these meditations being another) to disentangle what doesn't belong and let the pure water of Truth flow from the source into our consciousness. Lo and behold how everything changes, and a beautiful garden state re-emerges.

    Bill Isaacs:  There is one resonant peer group that is both functional and finding itself together again on earth. There is a vast whole, in part comprised of seven billion people. Within that whole is a common place. Many people are being disentangled and finding their way into this one room. People are coming from different angles, from different avenues, different traditions and patterns. But the compulsion to arrive at this common place is present and working. Sometimes what you discover in this common place is not what you would expect, including dimensions of new experience from within yourself. Because to enter this place requires change. It requires the relinquishing of factors that have controlled or limited or mediated your expression. So there is effort required. While there is, for many, a natural draw to this place, after a certain point you have to do some work. You have to do something to unburden yourself of the factors that have prevented movement fully into this one resonant place.

    The discovery and realization that there is a single flow and a vast expanse are all part of the process of coming into this one pattern. And it is in this experience that a new mode governance begins to appear, initially for oneself. There is a great deal of stilted interpretation of the term governance. It conjures for many the idea that one person is controlling another, or that a pattern or policy is setting a limit or boundary. But life's form of governance is very different.

    I was reminded of this by the experience of simply walking outside to look up at the sun. Here is a perfect symbol of governance. There is an enfolding resonance and warmth coming to the earth from the sun, providing the perfect temperature, precise control, and many levels of supportive radiation beyond what human perception can detect. It is all operational and alive, continuously enfolding the earth. This is the mode that we can be in relative to our own minds and hearts, to the world we are inhabiting, to the people around us, and to everyone who is finding their way into this peer group, the pattern of association that is resonant with the vibrancy of life.

    There is much to discover yet about what this actually means, much to recall. There is a saying that the spirit of truth calls all things to remembrance. I think we are in an era where much is being recalled, recalled from prior distraction, perhaps, and being called into a common place of presence and focus. In this there is also a limitless frontier.

    One of the things that is concerning for people is the feeling time is running out, that energy is running out, that resources are running out. The way human beings have lived is certainly draining the planet at a rapid and unsustainable rate. Yet as we discover this one room again, as we discover each other and a way of functioning together, the limitlessness of the resources that are available will no doubt also be rediscovered. There is a certain relinquishing of old habits that has to occur for that to be experienced and known, and we are very much in the process of the shaking down of discordant factors. As the shaking occurs, things can look a little dicey. Nevertheless we can feel confident that what is occurring is exactly right and that we are meant to be functioning as we are. The spirits of friendship, of recognition, of love for one another, are very natural parts of this experience. As the labels come off, and as the constrictions loosen, I am sure this will expand. There is a great ease in this that can calm the disturbed waters and assure the hearts of the world, the way the sun does the earth. There is a pattern of order emerging—not disorder—one where creativity is what is actually paramount.

    Larry Krantz:  The world feels unstable—more so, it seems to me, these days than in the past. Governments in many places are straining at the seams. Trade wars, border crises, climate change, overpopulation, shooting wars are just some of the stressors that put our civilization in danger of falling apart. If so, what will replace the world order, such as it is? Will it be another human government filled with strife, divisiveness, and bad ideas? Generally ignored by humanity is a higher source of governance—control from spirit, from Source. This form of government, emerging from within, is available now, as it has always been. It is embedded in a heavenly design that reveals oneness and balance and is the expression of God. Whatever that is, it brings harmony and ease, with everyone pulling in the same direction. In this divine government, everyone is included, each doing what is natural to that person. Together, we may, in this way, see the wonders and marvels of heaven, right here on earth.

    Oneness is unknown in this fragmented world. There are innumerable exclusive clubs, large and small, which form an "us" and "them" dynamic. Only the select are admitted to a particular group. Others are left out. Religion is one of these clubs, each flavor preaching that if their club is joined some great reward will come their way—usually after they're dead! There are political clubs and social-position clubs and clubs of money and race, as well as groups that are fervently nationalistic or cultural. Clubs often compete, which leads to disputes and wars, including religious wars, even genocide and ethnic cleansing—supposedly to keep the purity of that club unsoiled.

    Separation is based on opinions and judgments, which erect walls to keep others out or to keep members contained. Most people go along with divisiveness and division. It is what is commonly accepted these days. Yet, oneness and separation are mutually exclusive. Humanity is littered with toxic clusters and it is killing us, and the planet.

    Oneness unites the many parts. It is powered by love, which is inclusive and breaks down barriers. It underlies the heavenly design. If oneness were to emerge, all the human ills, and this ongoing senseless tragedy will fade into oblivion. We can assist this process. It is how we change the world, and why we were born at this crucial time.

    Right now, many people are awakening to a new understanding, each in their own way. Our inner reality knows how to lift our consciousness above the noise and turmoil of the earthly state, if we but turn our attention to what is within. This inner, heavenly consciousness exudes peace and harmony. In it, we come to rest above the racket of this bizarre human state.

    This process, now underway, is described in a piece written by that famous author known as Anonymous, called A Spiritual Conspiracy:

On the surface things seem dark.
But calmly and quietly, at the same time, something else is happening...
It is a silent revolution...
There are sleeper cells in every nation on the planet...
We come in all shapes and sizes, colors and styles
Most of us work anonymously
We are quietly working behind the scenes in every country and culture of the world...
You could pass by one of us on the street and not even notice...
We remain behind the scenes...
Occasionally we spot each other in the street
We give a quiet nod and continue on our way
During the day many of us pretend we have normal jobs
But behind the false storefront at night is where the real work takes place
Some call us the Conscious Army
We are slowly creating a new world with the power of our minds and hearts
We follow, with passion and joy
Our orders come from the Central Spiritual Intelligence...
We know that quietly and humbly we have the power of all the oceans combined
Our work is slow and meticulous...
It comes from the intelligence of the heart
Embedded in the timeless evolutionary pulse of all human beings...
Join us
All are welcome

    My wife and I recently interacted with a wide range of people, including friends and relatives. It was pleasant and useful. Then we came across someone who was spiritually awake. We did not spend much time with this person, but our connection was significant and indelible. Few words were needed, yet our communion was remarkable. Each one knew his purpose; there was a flow of love and joy in being together. Afterwards, we continued on our way. We may never see that person again, but the connection is there, and it is powerful and real.

    There was a time when all human interaction was like that—wonderful, sacred, and significant. It was based in deep communion, in oneness, held by a heavenly vibration. An excess of words was not needed, yet we shared something deep and creative. This kind of spiritual communion is not as possible now, as it perhaps once was. This shift is described in the allegory of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9). The passage speaks of an attempt to reach heaven by building from the ground up, to be as God, but based in human strength. In this modern age, we know that even our tallest skyscrapers do not reach heaven, no matter how high they poke into the atmosphere. Altitude is an analogy for spiritual understanding, like going up a mountain—hence building a tower is symbolic of acquiring spiritual understanding.

    As a consequence of this foolishness, humankind took a hit. It is said there was "a confounding of tongues." Pockets of people in scattered locations, no longer having an inner means of communion, had to invent words to describe things. These made-up sounds became languages, which are often unintelligible to those who do not speak that tongue. Even within one language, words are open to misinterpretation. True communion in oneness is simple and accurate and comes from a deep connection with Source. It speaks in essences and emerges from the Central Spiritual Intelligence.

    Speaking of guidance, GPS is a good metaphor for function in the true state. GPS depends on satellites and artificial intelligence which provides an overview, including all pertinent streets and routes, as well as traffic patterns. Thankfully, we do not need to keep all that data in our brains. We trust GPS to take us to our destination. All we need is to take the next right turn, get into the left lane, and so on. It works! Well, most of the time. Infinitely better than GPS is our inner guide—and it never fails! Likewise, we do not need to have all the factors present in the universe stuffed into our tiny brains. We just need to discern the next step. This inner, guiding voice is usually drowned out by the cacophony of noise from conflicting earthly concerns. But if we are still in mind and heart, we may hear a small voice at first, which becomes clearer as we learn to listen and trust this divine guidance system.

    Life is not meant to be convoluted and complex. Children know innocence because their consciousnesses are not yet filled with a bunch of nonsense. If all that conflicting stuff is released, we too may know mature innocence, which is simple, yet profound. No need to be entangled in endless schemes and clever manipulations. In mature innocence, we are transparent, for there is nothing to hide. If we are one with Source, the human state need not control us. Our hearts and minds can remain connected to the inner heavenly guidance system. True communion comes from above and may be shared with others who are likewise connected. When our consciousness ascends, everything changes. What could be greater than that?

October 13, 2019

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