Pure Heart Communion

    Volker Brendel:  Welcome everyone. It is my distinct honor and pleasure to be opening our hour together. There will be a few others following my opening remarks. My first responsibility is to extend that welcome in a very tangible way to everyone who is participating. It's really an amazing technology that we avail ourselves of; I believe today we also have video capabilities for some of you who joined by the zoom site, and in any case, we are together in a very special place. Physically, we've had a few days of Indian summer here in Colorado; a perfect habitat for human beings: not too hot, not too cold, not too windy; absolutely gorgeous autumn colors. And zooming in further, we have been hosted in various homes, and our hosts have graciously and wonderfully prepared a setting for us to Be. That setting is available to you this hour over the phone lines as you participate, because the physical manifestation is just one small essential and enjoyable part of creating the setting. But really, as we know, it is set in motion by what we call vibrational space, or maybe atmosphere. It requires both something of an invitation going out and a willingness to receive that invitation and participate.

    There is a small anecdote from yesterday that I will relate as it created a line of thought in my thinking. One of our friends called in by the phone lines to participate in one of our conversations, and as we were testing the sound system she said: "Volker, you are very faint." Now, here I was sitting with all my spiritual gravitas, my mental wit having been in full display all day, and physically feeling quite strong! So, my response was: "I'm not faint. My voice might be." Of course, we both knew what we were actually communicating about, but still that interaction happened and reminded me of a responsibility that we have relative to all of our senses. What do we see? What do we hear? How do we see? How do we hear? I could go into technical parts of the reception: Okay, maybe my voice was faint through the speaker lines, or maybe the person at the end receiving it had difficulty hearing. Lots of possibilities, but these are possibilities that actually are included in any of our interactions! In this setting or on a daily basis, there is something that we individually are responsible for that makes us see and hear what is in front of us.

    In brief, the requirement for that responsibility to be fulfilled is that of making a pure heart available. The actual physical heart has something to do with that. As we express a pure heart, we do feel a physical change. But clearly what we are talking about is purity of attitude, purity of thinking, purity of Being that extends in a peaceful radiation outward. And as we take care of that responsibility on our part, lo and behold, the world is changed! This is so because that invitation draws to it and finds resonance with that which seeks purity itself and expresses purity. We could say, incidentally, that it works the other way: you express a rotten spirit, and what comes back is rotten smells and ugly things, because that's what you are drawing to yourself.

    In our conversations here, we have had the experience of that purified space, expressed through quite remarkable diversity in our backgrounds, forms of expressions, educational experiences, gender, what have you; attitudes that come up in the moment, experiences, viewpoints. All of that can actually be encompassed in that pure space and be sorted out by something that you might say is much higher than our human intellect. As we create the pure heart space, all things are created anew. Our experience changes, the world changes, and peace is experienced. So, in short, what we are doing now is offering a space to experience heaven on earth. How about that? When you go back and talk to your colleagues Monday morning, what did you do on Sunday? Oh, I was in heaven. That is the experience to have, and it's not confined to a Sunday, nor to a particular setting. It's a constant purification in ourselves that allows that purity of radiation to go forth and draw others in for the experience of unified radiation. Now, we will have a tangible demonstration of this as I fade away and my friend Joyce will come in!

    Joyce Krantz:  I was very mindful that when you all checked in through the phone lines, you have come into my living room, which is where we are gathered today. I feel you all here. That is a wonderful thing!

    As Volker pointed out, each of us is unique in the way we express ourselves, the way we see things, but we come from a place that hears the music. Sometimes it is a little hard to talk about the ineffable, finding words to describe that which can be sensed but not seen, that which life is seeking to bring forth in this moment through our human capacities. So, I am going to use music and dance as a metaphor.

    For me, the experience we had this weekend was a fine-tuning of hearing life's music and translating it through our thoughts and expression into the moment, like a dance together. I have this image of beautiful music playing, drawing us into this gorgeous grand hall. In the center of the room are two exquisite dancers. They are in absolute harmony with the music. Their movements are one, graceful, fluid, gliding through space, like the planets moving around our sun—now there's a dance! We come into the hall. We love this dance and we want to participate. We hear the music but may not have capacities that are fully trained to manifest the finest level of the dance. So, we listen more keenly and chose our words more carefully, and interact with each other more thoughtfully. Ultimately, it is the expression of love that is drawing everything together. As we love each other and love the expression of life, we want to dance with each other. Sometimes that may be awkward. We may step on each other's toes and inadvertently hurt each other's feelings. But we learn. With care, openness, humility, and purity of heart our individual and subsequent collective ability to dance refines.

    I feel so deeply about this. Touching into the power and expression of love is the longing of our hearts and the longing of this planet to harmonize with the dance as one. There is an urgency to this. The current of life is longing to find embodiment now through each of us and it is happening.

    Little Eli Isaacs comes to mind. Bill recently shared a video of Eli, his one-year-old son. Eli is sitting in his little walker when music starts playing. Suddenly Eli's arms shoot up, his head shakes and his body moves back and forth, happily consumed in the moment with the music. When the music stops, he looks around puzzled—where did it go? When the music starts up again he is back in motion. What a wonderful expression of the joy of life!

    Is that not how we came into the world? It is the excitement of Being. We remember that. I am thrilled to be in the company of all of you as we listen to the music and continue the dance.

    Bill Isaacs:  An open heart, a trusting heart, let all things be made new. There is a magnificent and synchronized Whole that has always been present and available. Human beings have however long missed the memo on this. The conviction is that we are alone and must struggle to make our way. It is certainly the case that the closed heart has created a lonely planet, and a state of confusion and turmoil on every hand. And yet it is very easy to bring back into awareness what never left. One of the things that we spoke about these last few days was the feeling of being at the beginning. Some of us have been endeavoring for many decades to offer into our worlds the finest expression we could of the qualities of life. Yet it appears to take a while for human capacities to mature to the point where they can carry the simplicity of an open heart, and the power that would manifest through that. I think there is a great spirit of Patience in the cosmic scheme of things. You could also say, We have been patient.

    However, the willingness to let something change on the planet in the experience of human beings ultimately does come down to whether I am willing to allow my mind and heart to do what it is we are here to do. We each have very direct responsibility in this regard. In the end, only we have that. People often wish that somehow we could all just get along. But the starting point for getting along utterly depends on what happens in me. The purification of the heart that allows us to perceive the oneness that is present, the magic that is present, only shows itself as I take absolute responsibility for that fact. We each have a unique role and part to play in this. We each see things uniquely and distinctly. We do not all see the same things. It is very perplexing to people that there could be oneness amidst immense difference. But one of the obvious realities of life is that it's enormously diverse, at every level. Difference is necessary, which is to say, differentiation of the many forms of life is necessary for there to be a living whole. But in the end, it is still one whole. We have had a clear experience of that over the last few days.

    There are many things meant to be known by human beings on earth. Barely a glimpse of any of this has appeared so far. In many ways we are at the beginning. Whatever has occurred, whatever has brought us to this moment, we can know that there has been an unbroken line that has carried through to this point. There certainly have been moments of failure, personally and collectively. However, the truth is that none of that actually matters. All that matters is that we recognize and accept the amazing opportunity that we have now to let the reality of an openhearted experience be known ourselves. This takes some perseverance. We say it is simple. The truth is it also requires continuous work and continuous refinement in ourselves. Without that diligent focus nothing much happens.

    We each could consider the possibility that a great deal more voltage is actually waiting to come through us—more than we might have allowed ourselves to accept. It is often the case that human beings when faced with this potential ask themselves, well, "Who am I to allow this quality of experience to be known?" There are historically many examples of leaders having that exact thought. The team of all of us being called upon to play at this championship level is hearing these words—whether you thought of yourself as included in this number or not, or whether you feel you are ready for this or not.

    These things begin somewhere very practically, in some group of people. And then years later you read about it or hear about it. We are in a moment where the magic of life is starting to manifest itself, and there are many ranges of newness starting to appear among people. The possibilities and the doors are actually opening. It is truly an amazing moment to be alive. While it may look tumultuous in the world, in fact it's an extremely exciting time that requires the steadying influence of people who have some understanding that life is actually in charge. We belong to that. I am that. With this understanding, everything happens easily and simply. I also suspect there are many young people coming into the world these days whose consciousness is slightly more tuned and ready to hear the music. But someone has to be sounding it at the level of human consciousness. However imperfect and however ill-prepared you may feel you are, I assure you that you are well prepared for what there is to do. Life asks us in this moment: If not you, who? And if not now, when? It is very exciting to be together to continue this line of focus in life, in alignment with all those whose consciousness is exactly attuned to this same purpose.

    John Gray:  It's such a pleasure being in this upper ballroom today and with the dance partners who have spoken before me. The world of form is designed to be moved by the music of spirit. It's built this way. Rightly, all form is the embodiment of what the music represents, which is spirit flowing, moving in dynamic and diverse ways. The substance of the earth and the substances of our bodies, minds, and hearts are made to be moved by this flow, and to be delighted to move in synchrony.

    Not that there aren't resistances here and there, given the current state of things. There are a few of those in ourselves and collectively—sure enough! But what looms large to me in this moment isn't what resists, but what's willing to yield and go with it. There is great power in what's moving, and it eventually, but inevitably, becomes impossible to resist. This growing urge is occurring now in the world of human experience.

    I think of it as an urge to reunion in a variety of ways. Maybe there are people in our personal lives that we haven't seen in a while who are showing up again, if not in person then in our awareness. The music of spirit urges reunion. Even those who don't consciously understand why can nevertheless welcome this compulsion—hiya partner!

    In one of our conversations Bill was speaking about events in the geopolitical world, where there are urges for reunion showing up among people who have influence within their nations and peoples. For examples, in the Middle East and in Korea, some people are feeling the urge of something new, feeling that something else is possible and hopefully holding off trying to define it too sharply, but just being willing to see what it is that is trying to happen. Everyone's called to dance.

    The music of spirit is a far larger thing and vastly more powerful than any political or governmental action. Those whose "earths"—their bodies, minds and hearts—are reasonably sensitive to the impulse of the music find themselves moved. Being moved together, marvels appear. I don't think we've seen anything yet! Sharing an awareness of what's going on in the larger sense, we welcome it wholeheartedly and are completely moved by it.

    The place of reunion is the place of purity Volker spoke of. The perspective from below is that the place of reunion is way up there someplace and very small—indeed, just a point. To many, it's so small it's invisible. But when we're in it, it's vast. This may not make full sense to dimensional consciousness, but that's not who we are. We are not our dimensional consciousnesses. The place of reunion accommodates the one I am, the one that we each are, present. We come into this dimensional world through what seems to be a very small point—and we come with power. Being at the point of emergence we are in the place of purity and reunion, and it's really big! Compared to our personal earths the globe we live on, Spaceship Earth, is very large. But in the bigger context of things, Earth is rather tiny. Most of us can imagine this, though not in direct experience: the Earth is traveling around a central sun along with some other little orbs, and there's vast, vast space in between. It's only because we don't see what space is filled with that it looks empty. It isn't.

    The Colorado skies above us are clean and clear this morning. We don't see the air itself—the atmosphere is not visible. Likewise, the atmosphere of the solar system isn't visible to us in a directly perceivable way through our senses. But the solar system certainly has an atmosphere composed of other kinds of energy. It would be confusing, I think, to have our human senses perceiving all that at once. It might be too much to accommodate. We're not equipped for it, and besides, it's not our job. This doesn't mean the solar atmosphere isn't present and real and that we don't have relatedness to it, because it is, and we do.

    We are actually very large. If I focus on something small and personal, like my aching knee, I remind myself to not think small. An old friend of some of us, Bill Bahan, would ask, "Well, how's your other knee?" What we pay attention to looms large.

    Well, what are we paying attention to? What comes to us through the news media these days can look pretty dark, pretty ugly. Is that what's really happening? Even if the reporting is factual, it's just a little thing in the overall scheme of thingsā€¦ really little! The big news is what the music of spirit in expression is urging and requiring the realm of form to dance with it. This is what's really happening. Where's the focus of my awareness? If I'm in the place of purity of heart where reunion happens, where the oneness of it all is evident, human affairs look small and nothing's unmanageable.

    There are many, many people on Earth who have sufficient openness to feel the throb and pulse and tone of the music in expression. In just my lifetime the population of the world has tripled. This fact can be interpreted in a variety of ways, but I see it as more Beings coming to the dance on Earth. We're an eclectic, purposeful body composed of people of all ages. Having a younger body might be nice, but as was said, it takes a while to grow up to be mature enough to model the dance for others.

    So, young or old, let's dance for all we're worth, staying in the vast ballroom where reunion is a fact. It's not just one place. It's every place, it's everywhere. It's everywhere in my experience when I'm in it. I bring it with me wherever I am. When there are people with sufficient purity of heart to let the power manifest, things that have never been seen and music that's never been heard will find their ways into the experience of increasing numbers of people—that humanity may be what it's designed to be: the collective embodiment of the music of spirit in expression. Then the planet can breathe a sigh of relief and become again in form all that it was designed to be, too. Won't that be something else!

(Follow-up comment)

    Larry Krantz:  It is a good question: how large are we really? We live in a world of exclusive clubs. Clubs come in many different forms. There is the political club that leans left, and one that leans right. There are religious clubs, which are often in conflict with each other. Many circles of exclusivity, often replete with conflict and disagreement!

    Are we larger than any clubs? When we see through the eyes of Love, everything is included. No separating circles and no conflict. We love what we see, we respect and appreciate all people and nature—just as it is now. Yes, things will change, but everything is included when one sees through the vision of Love. We accept things as they are and work with them creatively, including our own situation and even our apparent limitations. Love is endlessly inventive and brings people and factors together for purposes much greater than any one person or club. In that largeness of spirit, we are part of something even greater than the cosmos. These days, we may sense a new vision beginning to emerge. It is wonderful to share this sensing with all of you

October 28, 2018

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