Our Living Expression is the Answer

    Larry Krantz:  It is good to be with everyone today. Thank you for joining our shared meditation.

    This time of year feels like a pause to me, like taking a deep breath before breathing out again. Part of that is due to the holiday season. Schools and business are on vacation and people are traveling, so it is a reprieve from the usual daily concerns. Also, the earth is near solstice when days begin lengthening or shortening, depending on the hemisphere—a planetary pause. In this quiet time, hearts and minds tend to be more open and thus able to hear another voice.

    Today, I have questions. You can consider how you would answer them, but relax, I won't call on any of you—at least not right now! The first question is: Why are we here?

    That's a large existential question, which could stimulate an interesting conversation, but I mean it in a narrower sense. Why are you here, in this moment, on the teleconference call? Or, for those who will read the transcript later, why bother?

    To answer, you may speak about being in a clear spiritual atmosphere, which helps reinforce what you already know to be true. Or, that it serves as respite for the craziness of this world, which has been particularly bonkers of late. Some might mention that in our collective atmosphere purification is easier. Others might enjoy the friendship or sense of oneness with like-minded people, or speak of the regeneration of divine understanding on earth. There are other explanations as well. I know; I've thought of many of them, which may all be true to some extent. But, are mental explanations necessary to justify our actions? Or does it make it unnecessarily complicated?

    You could say simply that you felt spiritually compelled to be here! No grandiose explanation needed. When we listen within, deeply, we develop a sensing of where we need to be and what we should be doing. This gets clouded over with all the noise and distractions of the world. Each of us has an inner guiding force, which would put us in the best position to succeed, as individuals, and as part of a larger context.

    Divine compulsions are in contrast to human impulses. People speak about their gut feelings, which tends to be impulses borne of biases and opinions, or reactions to situations, perhaps seeking what seems good to them. Some human impulses are borne of darker tendencies, such as revenge or payback, but we won't go down that road. Afterwards, reasons are spun to justify one's actions—rationalizations. Behavior without regard to a higher purpose—humanly-derived impulses—is destructive. Actions always have consequences.

    Here's a real world example. You may have seen the news story that an off-duty police officer shot a young black man whom she thought was in her home. It turns out that he worked for an accounting firm and was in his own apartment watching television, just kicking back. The woman was a white police officer who mistook his apartment for hers. Seeing a black man in what she thought was her home frightened her, may have brought up scary images from her subconscious, perhaps with racial overtones. She was tired after a long shift. Her impulse was to shoot him, even though he was unarmed. He died. Later she realized her mistake and she will likely go to prison as a consequence. Had she been listening within, to the guiding voice of spirit, when she approached the wrong apartment, alarm bells would have gone off. If that happens to us—inner alarms sounding—we would do well to take heed and make a course correction. We don't want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, which is dangerous for us, and for those around us.

    In stillness, we may sense an inner flow, an innate intelligence. Over time, with consistency, our sensitivity to the pulsations of spirit increases, permitting us to develop confidence in a higher understanding. The process gets easier over time. Finding the right path—the right thing to say and do—should be as easy as breathing, like driving down a broad highway. If we lose our lane, we need only find our way back. The coarser impulses springing from the distorted world of human nature no longer determine our actions.

    Okay. Are you ready for another question? Our friend, Volker Brendel, in a recent talk, asked this: Is there a need for drama in the universe? He was speaking of cycles, such as calm periods of gestation, followed by more intense times of tension, as in birthing. There is plenty of human drama: kings and presidents displaced or killed, fortunes made and lost, religious wars, political wars, jealous husbands, and jealous wives—just to name a few.

    Do we need that kind of drama? I don't think so. But, consider the movement of galaxies and the orbits of planets, which are majestically breathtaking in beauty and precision; it is a vast cosmic drama, a celestial dance of amazing size. The universe is forever changing, as are our lives, with all kinds of new challenges. Drama is natural, but not the kind based on human distortions and bad behavior. There is even divine drama in raking leaves on an autumn day in Indiana. Being alive in human form is a miracle—as is the awareness of autumn colors and the earthy smells of mulch and plant life. While doing simple tasks, we may be aware of another dimension to our actions—our connection to something vast and significant. Nothing we do is isolated or insignificant. There are echoes at other levels of being, close at hand, and far away, cycles within cycles. So, if we listen deeply, each moment is uniquely dramatic and pregnant with implications. It is only limited human awareness that judges some actions to be inconsequential.

    Sometimes, the ordinary can be very revealing. I learned great lessons moving furniture. It was when I lived in a small community run by my friend, Jim. In the evenings, to prepare for new guests, he often helped rearrange rooms and asked for my help. Jim was not the kind of man one said "no" to. He often came by with a truck outside, the engine running, ready to go. We moved furniture, sometimes up or down stairs that twisted in narrow passageways. I tended to bull my way through. Maybe I still do, at times. Not so, Jim. He reminded me to be careful, to not ding the furniture or walls; I became more sensitive to what was ahead and behind. In life, it is helpful to be aware of each step we take, of what is behind and what is ahead. We moved bulky objects with relative grace. The lesson has stayed with me. Each cycle has its own pace. Some require patience and a light touch. Others may be quick and one needs to be nimble not to miss an opportunity. Cycles should never be forced. Like a dance, it helps to be in step with the music. Moving sofas at night may not seem like a cosmic drama, but perhaps it was.

    Here's another question, and it's a biggie—how did the cosmos come about? Sanford Baran spoke about the formation of the universe and that science believes there was an initial point of emergence—sometimes referred to as the Big Bang, apparently deduced by extrapolation backwards from an expanding universe. The cosmos is thought to have begun from a place of infinite energy, which had no magnitude, perhaps emerging from another dimension. It boggles the mind.

    That same is true for each of us. We began as a point of incarnation and emerged into this world of form, riding on the infinite energy of love. A form was fashioned to house our spirit, yet our eternal essence, who we are, is beyond space and time. We are who we were as a child, a teenager, and an adult. Our minds and bodies have changed, and how we see the world is different, yet who we are at the core is unchanging. We are still us, even as things change around us. I AM.

    Coming from a non-dimensional world requires significant adjustment. It is no surprise that babies are helpless. It takes time to become comfortable in this outer world, to learn to move through space and respond to different situations. Our outer facilities need training, but who we are is forever unchanged and timeless. For most people the training does not go far enough, and they remain ignorant about who they are and their continuing spiritual purpose.

    The stars and planets are not a haphazard mess. There is order and interconnectedness, a cosmic government. The same is potentially true for mankind and our magnificent planetary home. The true design already exists, although it is largely ignored by mankind. In this regard, I sometimes think of an intricate Swiss watch, with myriad interlocking parts—all the little wheels and cogs and springs—each part doing what it does best, to produce the precise movement of watch hands. So it could be for the body of mankind, each person playing an essential part, for a larger purpose, the parts working together, under the guiding hand of spirit. A wonderfully complex mechanism, working in oneness, under the guiding hand of what is higher.

    John Gray asked: What is the view from above? He spoke about weather patterns and asked us to imagine the view from space, even from the sun, which is a very different perspective than from the surface of the earth, where weather patterns, including floods and tornados, are often disruptive and provoke fear and worry. Yet, when viewed from far away, the tribulations of mankind seem much smaller, even trivial. If we have only a worm's-eye view from the crust of the earth, we won't see very far. Yet, our divine Selves have a much greater perspective. There is a large cosmic outworking, which mankind may help or hinder. It could be boom or bust for humanity, depending whether or not we get with the program. If we are to move with these large cycles, mankind needs a grand, spiritual awakening, and a very large perspective. We do not want to be bogged down by small matters, even our personal challenges.

    Recently, I have thought about Moses—the almost mythical figure who liberated the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. Most people do not realize that Moses was 80 years old when he had his full awakening. Think about that. Consider people you know who are that age just beginning their life's work. No doubt, changes occurred in Moses' consciousness for decades, especially in the 40 years he worked as a shepherd, often in solitude. To his amazement, he famously saw a burning bush not consumed by fire. He glimpsed the connecting substance behind the form, coming off in shimmering waves. It dawned on him that there is a world behind this outer world and that divine inspiration comes through this connecting substance, from a place beyond space and time. It followed that everything—everything!—emerges from a divine source and therefore even the ground upon which he stood was holy. The story is written as if God spoke to him, but it was his own inner self connecting with the outer understanding of his human mind. He was hesitant at first, but eventually became one with the Father within—to put it another way. He yielded to that inner Self and trusted its guidance, and accomplished remarkable things.

    To use another analogy, consider someone who wants to construct a house or office building. It would be foolish to just go out there and start nailing boards together. It helps to create a set of blueprints, then proceed according to the design set down. It is the same with spirit. Intent is translated through a connecting substance into an appropriate design, but ignored by most people, who go banging about, creating a mess. But, if one discerned the blueprint within the connecting substance, there would be perfect movement in living expression.

    Moses, and other great spiritual leaders, have pointed the way. But, as we can see from the persistent insanity of the world around us, it is not enough. If there is to be a significant change in human consciousness, it will happen because there is a collective generation of fine substance, to permit heaven to come within view of human understanding, the design and government of God plain for all to see. It is not a matter of getting into some imaginary heaven, but allowing heaven to emerge into human awareness. We have essential parts to play in letting this great awakening happen.

    A Biblical verse comes to mind which speaks of opening the windows of heaven to pour you out a blessing, such that there will not be room enough to receive it (paraphrased from Malachi 3:10). For that to happen, all the tithes must be brought into the storehouse. Cause and effect. This means that we offer the finest expression of living all the time; if that is done, then the windows of heaven are opened—not to receive rewards or accolades, but that your divine Self will be poured out, the truth of you revealed, which is marvelous. It is why we are here. When the windows of heaven are open, even the smallest acts are seen as momentous. All parts link up to the divine, with far-reaching reverberations. When there is sufficient fine substance of connection, all humanity will be able to see the wonders of heaven. Selfish, earthly concerns will simply fade away. Unreality will be overwritten by what is real, what is of God.

    Mankind has a great destiny. Let us clean off the dirty window panes, that the light of heaven may shine through unobstructed. The ultimate question of the purpose of our lives is answered by our living expression. It is that simple!

December 23, 2018

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