The Substance of Spirit

    Christina Pivarnik:  I'm so excited to be with all of you this morning in this context! Many of you are longtime, dear friends. Others of you, I haven't had the privilege to meet in person, but the connection in spirit is there regardless. It's a pleasure to see and hear all of you and to acknowledge the locations we span together, nearly halfway around the planet. It's such a joy to be able to spend this time together with you.

    I was honored when Larry invited me to share this hour with him...and a bit humbled, too, wanting to be articulate enough for the task, to listen deeply to what's moving in spirit and give it voice with clarity.

    He extended the invitation in early January, and as I often do when I'm about to write an article or a story (I write for a living these days), I began to think about what I might say, knowing, obviously, that it would change over time, but wanting to hone my skills in listening and paying attention to what is "in the back," as Bill Isaacs has said when he prefaces our dialogue sessions. So I began to jot down thoughts about what I was sensing at both the highest and deepest levels in myself off and on throughout my day. I'd write something on my note pad at my desk, or type a thought into my phone, or scribble an idea on the white board in my barn, where I have some of my most creative thoughts.

    It's been an excellent exercise, to break through traditional thought barriers, to think outside the box, as it were, and use fresh words to articulate spirit more creatively and sense the newness of what was happening in that particular moment. This has gone on pretty much every day from then until now. In the process, I've noticed a few things I'd like to share.

    First, I became more aware of a clear focus in my days, a deepening acknowledgment of encompassing the people in my daily life with graciousness and kindness, like my business colleagues, or interactions with the grocery store clerks, the postal workers. You get the idea. Basically, sharing the beauty of spirit by offering an uplifting comment, a kind word, compassion, extending appreciation for something someone has accomplished.

    Next thing I realized was that many of the thoughts I'd written down and had been thinking about were uniquely expressed in our Tone of Life gatherings, either by the person speaking, or in a comment made by one of you, or in something said during our dialogue session. It wasn't conveyed in the same way I would have said it, and yet the spirit was exactly the same. How cool is that?! And not surprising really. We aren't independent islands living separate lives. We're more of an archipelago...a collection of islands connected by beautiful, clear flowing water.

    It's really the continuity of our connection at the deeper levels that builds fine, heavenly substance together during our times like these, but also when we're physically apart. We're part of a continuum—a continuous array of communication at the deeper levels of spirit. We're expressing and giving voice to the Beloved. In that spirit of continuity—not repetition, mind you—two weeks ago John Gray quoted from the Song of Solomon. There are two lines from that verse that have been singing in my heart almost non-stop since then, so I thought I'd share them again.

    "The voice of my Beloved, behold, he cometh leaping upon the mountains, skipping upon the hills." This brings such joy to my heart—the thrill of the spirit of love in action...right now. And then a little later in the verse: "My Beloved is mine and I am his." The truth of these words resonates so deeply, beautifully, clearly.

    Giving expression to the voice of the Beloved is why we're here. It's our collective purpose. It's our mission. We do this through our minds and hearts by listening to the deeper levels within ourselves, giving voice to spirit with thoughts and words others can relate to and connect with. And here, in our time together, the voice of the Beloved, the unconditional love we share for this One, allows us to give focus and build heavenly substance together. This is our collective mission. This is our work.

    I'd like to share an experience with you that meant a lot to me. Not long ago, but before the onset of the pandemic, Larry and Joyce Krantz were visiting family in Seattle and came for a brief visit to the town I live in. The three of us were able to carve out an hour and a half to spend together. We hadn't seen or been in touch with one another in over 40 years, but the decades dissolved instantly, as often happens with friendships that run deep.

    I discovered they had an adult son and they learned I have five grandchildren. Who knew, right?! But we didn't spend much time talking about the past. We simply shared what was in our hearts at the time. We talked. We laughed. We let spirit speak what was true in that moment. I felt a burgeoning glow of light surrounding us, an aura that encompassed not only us, but all in our vicinity...and beyond...it was the sweetness of the Spirit of Love—attunement shared quite naturally. Time flew by and yet it seemed to stand still. We hugged and parted ways, but I felt that glow for days. It never left. In fact, the glow is here, now.

    Isn't this exactly what we share in our times like this? Often, as our hour concludes, I feel the loving substance we've built and I don't want the hour to end, but to linger on, continuing to share this love. But this is precisely the moment when our work needs to continue, to maintain this heavenly place in ourselves, to be the continuum, and share it with those who are in our worlds.

    We each have a unique expression needed on earth right now. It's why we're here. When our spiritual substance, our collective voice of the Beloved blends together, we sing in concert.

    In our hours like this, or in our dialogue sessions, it's our opportunity to sing together, much as a choir would. We sense when we've been given the divine nod to sing, to speak from our hearts in harmony and complement one another, to amplify the music of heaven here on earth, to be the voice of the Beloved. We are bright lights shining, sparkling and glowing across the planet, joined by many others sharing the same work, the same mission. Our connection with one another runs deep; it's precious. I often feel we've been doing this spiritual work, answering our calling, for many lifetimes together. It's so lovely to recognize one another in this. How beautiful to spend this time together in the radiance of being—giving voice to the Beloved. Blessings to you all.

    Larry Krantz:  We live in a time of global spiritual awakening. There is a rising up in consciousness, an ascension. We see evidence of this all around. Also, we see those who resist this change and may feel desperate—perhaps without knowing why—and consequently act a bit crazy. It is all part of the passing of the old world, so a new one may come into view. Our primary concern is with those who are emerging from the restricted human state, to help uplift and encourage them, to inspire them to come up higher, as we also come up higher.

    Christina mentioned that we got together not long ago. Joyce and I, upon seeing her, immediately recognized someone who is spiritually awake. It was an example of a certain type of perception. Each of us has something of a sixth sense: we can discern a person's atmosphere. Of course, we can only see to the level we ourselves have attained. This sensing allows us to engage with others at whatever level is appropriate. We can gauge them spiritually without words. It is a great joy to find someone with a radiant presence, which indicates that person has maintained integrity and an abiding connection to what is higher. With Christina, we felt oneness of purpose, a closeness, as if no time or space had occurred since last we were together. So, as we shared cups of coffee, we engaged at a high level of communion and true friendship, which was wonderful. We are all part of one human family, under the guidance of our heavenly father. We already know each other; the externals people use to connect are superfluous. It is not complicated.

    How is it that we can sense a person's atmosphere? What we perceive is the sacred substance of spirit, generated by how we live, what may be called, "pneumaplasm." That is a good descriptive word. Pneuma means breath, vital spirit, or the creative force of a person. Plasm refers to lively substance, as in our life blood—plasma carries the blood cells to all parts of our bodies. Cytoplasm is the stuff inside cells. Now we even have plasma TVs, which have ionized gas. Pneumaplasm is the stuff of spirit, the substance through which we may feel and see from a higher level. It carries the light of radiance, which emerges from within. Some may think of this as our auras.

    The amount and quality of pneumaplasm should increase as we mature spiritually, to the point where the fullness of angelic awareness is known consciously. Most people remain spiritually childish; they lack understanding, and know not what they do. The inner realms transmit vibratory messages continually, but they must be received to be understood. This sacred substance has the ability to resonate with what is higher and make it available to human minds and hearts. Radio waves, for example, are meaningless unless there is a receiver to translate them into something understandable to us, like sound. The higher the frequency, the higher the quality of pneumaplasm necessary to make it meaningful. The heavenly vibratory rate is incomprehensible to us, unless it is given form that is understandable at our level of function.

    Those who do not move toward spiritual understanding have a very restricted consciousness with meager spiritual substance. They understand little of what is going on around them. Instead, they focus on the external world, with all its ups and downs and deceptions, and are oblivious to the currents emerging from heaven, so lack a larger context and meaning. Without this spiritual vision, it is indeed the blind leading the blind.

    Perhaps the starkest example of this is when our Master was being prepared for the crucifixion. There were Roman soldiers in the same place, taunting him and abusing him in various ways. If they had had even the least bit of spiritual awareness, they would have felt the radiance and substance of that magnificent one, who is our King. They would have bowed their heads and bent their knees. But they did not. The soldiers did not have a clue because they did not have the substance to understand. They truly did not know what they were doing.

    The higher we rise spiritually, the greater the impact we have on everyone else. It behooves us to complete the job. When the earth was created, God did not stop after four days or five days and say, "That's enough." It had to reach a point of completeness, of wholeness. There is no room for complacency, to stop along the way to admire the view and pat ourselves on the back. Our inner Selves are eager for us to come all the way through.

    This necessary last step in spiritual maturity is described in the sacred Hindu text known as the Bhagavad-Gita. It is an allegorical tale with various characters on a battlefield, representative of the battle underway for the hearts and minds of people. All of the characters are really parts of one person, representative of each of us. Arjuna is the ultimate spiritual seeker, the one who has ascended enough to be able to commune with his inner being, called Krishna, and wishes to come to a point of completion, to see things as Krishna does. Arjuna asks Krishna to reveal himself fully. He says:

Make Thyself visible, Lord of all prayers!
Show me Thy very self, the Eternal God!

Krishna answers: Crowned with garlands of star-clusters,
Robed in garb of woven lustres,
Breathing from His perfect Presence
Breaths of every subtle essence
Of all heavenly odours; shedding
Blinding brilliance; overspreading—
Boundless, beautiful—all spaces
With His all-regarding faces;
So He showed! If there should rise
Suddenly within the skies
Sunburst of a thousand suns
Flooding earth with beams undeemed-of,
Then might be that Holy One's
Majesty and radiance dreamed of!

    Arjuna is overwhelmed by this celestial vision and pleads to once again see as he had, with human eyes. Krishna complies, to Arjuna's relief. Then, Krishna explains what is needed to be one with him, to be whole.

Krishna: Yet not by Vedas, nor from sacrifice,
Nor penance, nor gift-giving, nor with prayer
Shall any so behold, as thou hast seen!
Only by fullest service, perfect faith,
And uttermost surrender am I known
And seen, and entered into, Indian Prince!
Who doeth all for Me; who findeth Me
In all; adoreth always; loveth all
Which I have made, and Me, for Love's sole end,
That man, Arjuna! unto Me doth wend.
(excerpts from Chapter XI)

    The Vedas are Hindu's sacred literature. The Western equivalent would be Bible study, often given by churches, which tends to be mostly a mental exercise. Some take great pride in memorizing verses, but such arrogance can actually block changes in minds or hearts which might lead to deeper understanding. Likewise, repeating empty prayers accomplishes little. "Fullest service" means a person is not so much interested in getting something for oneself, but wants only to be useful to spirit, to serve our King. Seeing everything through the eyes of love is divine vision indeed.

    The part about surrender is difficult for many of us, yet is essential if one is to merge with what is higher. We have learned not to trust anyone completely, having been burned when we have. Who is trustworthy in the world as it now is? A priest or Ayatollah, a politician, a business partner, a family member? One has to be careful. There are plenty of scams out there taking advantage of the naїve and unwary.

    Here, the surrender spoken of is to give up the last of our human wants and trust spirit, the god-being within—who is completely trustworthy. It is by giving up our ego-driven human identities that we discover we are divine beings. We are Krishna. It is to the eternal Self within that the human part of us must surrender and know oneness. Our inner reality has always loved us and guided us; we have not always been listening. But, when we yield to our inner Selves, we are not diminished but enlarged, free and boundless.

    Of course, it is wonderful to glimpse the majesty and vastness of being, to come more fully into the presence of the Lord, but our purpose is not to bathe in this radiance, but to transmit it, to let heavenly currents find earthly expression through our living. This is fullest service. If we reveal our inner Krishna, what is true of him, or her, is revealed by how we live. And, incidentally, when we do live in this sacred way, we generate fine pneumaplasm, which lets us see with clearer eyes. It is how the veil between heaven and earth is dissolved. There is no other way to create pneumaplasm other than by our living expression. It cannot be manufactured any other way. It is a foolproof system. No cheating. No shortcuts.

    Our attitude in receiving the currents of heaven should be that this is the day the Lord has made—or the moment—and we may rejoice and be glad in it! Everything springs forth everywhere from God now. No matter the shape of the circumstance, we can accept it with a glad heart and rejoice, for we live in the presence of the Lord, and can brighten the day with our radiant expression, each in our own way.

    It is a joy to be with others who are awakening to the truth of themselves. We live in a time of spiritual updraft. Many cycles of spiritual awakening are at an inflection point, and we have come at this time of increased spiritual traction to play our part. Let us be fully present, that we may wisely and fully serve the One who sent us. So may it be!

February 28, 2021

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