God Joins Together

    Pamela Gray:  It's wonderful to be together! Sanford, the music you chose to begin our hour is an important part of this gathering. It set the atmosphere beautifully.

    I want to comment on the role that our collective presence plays in the Tone of Life gatherings every two weeks. Whatever was in focus the time before has now moved on in a continuum. As its content penetrates deeply in heart and mind and is fleshed out in our living, the collective substance becomes greater than it was before. It's my pleasure to step into this substance today and offer something with all of you and more, into the world.

    I've been thinking about cycles and the importance of our collective role to offer specific, nonjudgmental radiance into the world cycle. It's as potent and effective as it can be as we continue to release fragmentation, as we considered a few weeks ago with Bill Isaacs. Those fragments of human nature reactions cause and maintain a separation from Source. We are designed to let the flow of the word of life, the tone of life, the word of God, stream in us and through us into the world without any blockages.

    A few weeks ago I had a physical situation in my body: pain in the left side of my leg, the hip, the knee, the ankle, all of it. I went to a chiropractor. He didn't deal with the effects; he went right to the source of the blockage. As it turned out, that happened to be a pinched nerve near a vertebrae in my lower back.

    I was thinking of this as a good analogy for the world situation. It is full of pain. There are horrendous, complicated blockages that impede the flow of life's current. Dealing with these effects in the earth only creates more dire effects. There must be identity in Source. I am thankful for spiritually minded people I know living in various hot spots of the world. I think of them as contact points where radiance may be released. These points are specific people, because a general radiation into the world accomplishes little. There need to be (like in our individual bodies) human contact points directly connected to these troubled spots for those spots to loosen up and participate in the flow of healing.

    I think of specific people whom I know. You think of people that you know, and in this unified way, now, let's release our collective radiance deeply into the world, that there may be a potent release of healing vibration: India, various parts of Africa, Asia, and South America, and the United States—specifically Washington, DC, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles. We are instruments of God's action on earth.

    The natural world does its part easily. Maybe some of you have seen the five-part Netflix series that David Attenborough narrated, called A Perfect Planet. The series portrays the balance of natural forces—oceans, weather, volcanos, etc. —and how they are part of the perfect earth home for all of life. One can't help but be in awe and appreciate the majesty of all life forms innately carrying out what they were created to do. It reveals an adherence to design, providing balance for the planet and making sure their species survive, no matter what obstacles appear. For example, a colony of fire ants in the Amazon was threatened by rising water. With the flood approaching, the whole colony could have been wiped out, and yet they had a powerful solution: by creating a raft of themselves, built ant upon ant, (each covered with fine, waterproof hairs), the whole floated safely to higher ground.

    How much greater opportunity we have as human beings created in the image and likeness of God, male and female, to take care of this planet and replenish it with the spirit of love. For the natural world, purpose is innate. For human beings it's been largely forgotten. Yet we've all come with a blueprint. Our divine blueprint is inherent. As the world goes through the current pandemic and all the disasters that are occurring, there is also a spiritual awakening occurring. We can receive it with radiance. "Remember now thy Creator."

    John and I celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary a few days ago. Traditionally people say, "Oh, your fiftieth is coming up. What are you going to do?" But for us our marriage hasn't been traditional, it's been based on our love for the Creator. That's what drew us together in the first place, that's what holds us together through the cycles. So we look at this anniversary not as forty-nine but as seven cycles of seven years.

    We all have seven-year cycles. It's a spiritual number in the earth. It's an important number today for all of us. We see sevens in cosmic and in world cycles. Spiritual leaders have come on earth in their cycles to initiate a restoration of the body of humanity, but most chose not to listen to them. In this day the body has to listen. We gather to proclaim this. We see the seven personally. We have seven endocrine glands, seven chakras, and within that in the collective body as in our own bodies, seven spirits before the throne of God. We are the Divine Design, walking, living and breathing on earth.

    I'd like to read some words from our wedding service. On April 22, 1972 Martin Exeter said, "Constantly as we move along the way of life we are presented with challenges. We might put it another way. We are questioned by our experiences in life as to who we really are. Man, as it was indicated in the Book of Genesis, was made in the image and the likeness of God, male and female, so that everything that arises in our experience says to us in effect, ‘Who are you?' If we answer this question correctly then there may be the experience of the living of a victorious life. If we answer wrongly then our experience is bound to be unfortunate. If the truth of the matter is that man is made in the image and likeness of God, then we know the correct answer to this question. I am made in the image and likeness of God. And this I will reveal on earth. This is the truth."

    In whatever cycle—the world cycle, individual cycles—we're always asked that question, "Who are you?" The answer is I am. I am come to express the truth of who I am.

    John and I had triangles inscribed in our wedding bands years ago. John is at one end of the base; I'm at the other; God is at the apex. This is the truth of our beautiful life.

    John Gray:  Pamela is authentically herself, always. No one would have to personally know her well to sense her clear spirit shining through her words just now. If you do know her well, then you know that how she does anything is how she does everything. The same qualities of angelic presence are consistent throughout: ever loving, welcoming, uplifting, encouraging, engaging, genuine. I've known this angel for half a century since we first met on Sunrise Ranch.

    Pamela mentioned that on the insides of our wedding bands are engraved our names at the base of a triangle, symbolizing our unified centering in God. "What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder." [Mk. 10:9] These biblical words are often quoted in marriage ceremonies. What they really mean takes years to start to know. Every day I see something new of Pamela's vastness. We've been at each other's side, mutually supporting and complementing. When you're put together by God, you stick.

    Some years ago we watched a TV documentary about raising a sunken vessel. Well-trained and prepared expeditionary divers, in teams of two or three, strategically fit large, deflated balloon-like bladders inside a wreck lying on the sea bottom. Hoses were connected up to the salvage ship above, and air was then pumped into the bladders to create buoyancy and very gradually lift the sunken boat to the surface of the ocean. The narrator spoke of how carefully the inflated bladders had to be placed within the ship's hull structure and how important that they be filled with air in a coordinated way. They'd had failures in some earlier attempts. The hull itself fell apart, not able to hold together under the stresses of the forces trying to lift it from within.

    There's a wonderful metaphor hiding in this documentary. Of course all metaphors have limitations, being non-literal ways of talking about something intellectually abstract, but I quite like this one. I think it's useful today.

    In the Bible, as most of us likely know, air symbolizes spirit. All life forms on earth need air in one form or another to live. Invisible spirit animates living forms. Air, itself invisible to us, is essential to everything. So it is an apt symbol of spirit. The air of spirit pumped into human consciousness elevates awareness to the surface and into the light of day. I think of the salvage ship as the conscious body of God on earth, each of us individually and all together. The wreck represents a responsive part of humanity—those willing to be lifted up—and it must be done with care and specificity.

    In our earlier years Pamela and I went on many dives all over the world. In recent decades we've been mostly manning the pumps day and night. Well, I said metaphors have their limitations, and I think I might have just hit the end of this one!

    Long-time good friend Chris Jorgenson and I keep an active correspondence. In a very recent email Chris wrote of his perception of there being "more space," as he put it, within atoms and molecules. When I read what Chris wrote, I see now how I was reminded of that salvage ship documentary. As part of the large-scale re-creative process the earth and humanity are undergoing, the air of spirit is being pumped into the very stuff the material world and our own bodies are made of. The material world is inflating—lightening up, lifting up. The world is "de-densifying" to accommodate the fineness of the divine design. What won't rise becomes residual sediment to eventually be transformed in other ways in the new earth state. Chris and I concur that the grand re-creative process has been accelerating in recent years, and most people's awareness—if there is any—lags what is actually happening. Never underestimate the power of spiritual expression!

    Pneumaplasm is a coined word familiar to many of us. The Greek root pneuma means air or spirit, and plasm is substance. The combined word describes the "something" that connects invisible spirit and visible form. Having a word for it imparts only a conceptual understanding of what the substance is, but it's a start. If we hold our hands a few inches apart, palm to palm, we may feel a little of the reality of this stuff. This is pretty coarse vibratory substance; there are vast ranges of finer. Somewhat finer substance composes what we think of as mind or consciousness, and the pressure of spirit is expanding this from within, inviting consciousness to rise. Finer pneumaplasm begets connection with finer qualities of spirit and simultaneously inspires a finer consciousness of spiritual things. We may remember that inspire means "to breathe into."

    "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the earth..."— material stuff—"and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. And man became a living soul." [Gen 2:7] That didn't happen just once. It happens again and again and again and again. The Lord God, the incarnate angelic being in each person, breathes every breath we take, or maybe I should say every breath we give.

    Numerous things in the manmade world vie for our attention. But with just a little elevation in consciousness we know that we live in a God-made world. We live and move and have our being in God-made bodies and minds and hearts.

    Loving the One who breathes us draws us into oneness with Him or Her. From this perspective we understand our roles in the divine salvage vessel. Martin Exeter called it the vibrational ark. Playing our parts to the extent that we do, we know that it is our responsibility to breathe the breath of life into creation and make all things new.

    This vast re-creative process requires focus on earth, which does not mean a lot of people; it means precise acuity, sharp focus. Through this focus comes what coordinates the various levels of creation to move together and to rise from the bottom of the sea to the surface once again. The vessel of humanity has an important part to play. We've been reminded of this and have come to know it.

    If we liken our human lifespans to a sport contest like a football or basketball game, it seems evident that most of us here are in the fourth quarter. In the fourth quarter the game is on the line and the quality of play elevates; it's when a transcendent level of play matters most. So I remind myself and anyone who also feels reminded, that every little thing we do matters immensely. We're here to steward the fulfillment of a grand and great process that has been underway for a very long time, and we're now well into the fourth quarter of this great happening.

    The right team wins whether we're personally on board or not. There's no changing that. But let's play our hearts out and help it happen.

Following Comments...

    Pamela Gray:  There certainly is power in the release of spirit through true words, true actions, true focus, from a pure heart and an untroubled mind that's without fear. "Let not your heart be troubled"—let not your mind try to figure it out and be troubled, be worried. There is victory and we rejoice in the living of it. It's good to be together and voice this!

    John Gray:  Thank you, and everyone. We live in a God-made world. We're responsible to occupy this level of consciousness consistently. As we do, things happen that are not intellectually conceivable. We are the way by which the hand of God touches and blesses everything. Knowing this doesn't bring out grandiosity. It is humbling.

April 25, 2021

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